Thursday, July 22, 2010

Celebrities Who Look Kinda Retarded... Part I

The title speaks for itself. This list has been haphazardly compiled using my own personal prejudices and mischievous thoughts. Some of these people look clearly like short bus shawty material, others more subtly slow. Just think about it, enjoy, and there's gonna be a sequel. Also, I didn't include some "obvious" choices. Retarded looking southern rappers will be its own post.

Without further ado,

C4 presents the following retard-resembling celebrities:

LeBron James

Sorry dick-riders, he just seems slow to me... in the face. Big ass jaw, hairline falling back, seems generally slow on the uptake... in the face I emphasize. The rest of him is very physically advanced, no homo. Thank you, slavery. Retard strength maybe?

Too many thoughts!

Counting remaining fans in Cleveland?

Ying Yang Twins

Short bus all-stars who re-wrote the book on modern day coonery. It's like the KKK created these niggas in a lab specifically with the instructions to do their bidding and make black people look awful. You win this round, racists...

Too easy...


Mostly when he smiles for some reason, no homo...

"What am I doin'..."

"What am I doin'?!"

"Oh yeah that right, I'm doing me!"

Nicki Minaj:

Also reppin Young Money Retards...I mean Records. She's actually a pretty girl who just makes dumb faces and has a tendency to sound really Downs-y when she raps...

"Plus she got that dumb ass..."

Big Ben "Take the pussy" Roethlisberger

Looks like this...

Acts like he looks like this....

Maybe because of this....
"How about we take this to the bathroom and I'll show you the real Pittsburgh Steel..."

And this...

That's all for now Nappyheaded buddies. Stay tuned for tomorrow when we finish off this list with celebs who look and/or act even more retarded. Yay!



Rock said...

Hatin on Nikki. SMH.

Shawty got that stupid, fruity, dumb-retarded, go ham, short bus, drool lup, bycycle helmet,surfed to the maxed up Swag.

As a matter of fact, she so stupid fruity swagged up, i'ma call say she got the "Cereal swag."

Fruity pebble, toucan sam-fruit Loop, Trix rabbit, lucky charm swag...with extra milk. Aye (OJ da Juiceman voice.)

Dear south,

Now do you realize how retarded you sound?

Its goin down....Basement.


Alovelydai said...

I think one of those ying yangs has a tiny arm or something.

Rock said...

And the other actually has a clubbed foot. This is fact.

forever.original said...

I died. Lol fruity pebble swag shiit I was like uhmm wat we tlkn bout. Did minaj get a boob job to? Lol and ting yang twins are plain ugly [whoever said they fine needs help]

forever.original said...
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Anonymous said...

Are we talking just physical retardation or mental retardation as well.