Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Breaking News...Rick Ross = MC Gusto from CB4

Maybe you like the new Ricky Ross song "Blowin Money Fast (BMF)" where he makes reference to black drug dealing icons Demetrius "Big Meech" Flenory and Gangster Disciples Founder Larry Hoover...maybe you hate it for all that it stands for...maybe you even hate it because Rick Ross has no lyrical talent but has such a penchant for picking good beats that his fat ass (no homo) still makes your head nod (pause.)


I feel like Big Meech....

Larry Hoover....

Whippin work....


All jokes aside, I'm sure Larry Hoover (whos life imprisonment status gives him nothing but time to think about how he fu*ked up)and who has since, supposedly, turned his life around and is trying to do good, does not appreciate a fat, ex-correctional officer glorifying his ex drug dealer lifestyle.

Big Meech still has cases pending and has voiced his displeasure...He's basically like "we started this shit and we are gangsters...we don't know this rick ross nigga...hes a fraud."

Quite frankly, I could give a fuck what Big meech has to say, he's a drug peddling street urchin killing communities and rocking more ice than me. Don't drop the soap in front of some dude whos mom your BMF homies sold dope to. Actually, in keeping with this idea (the "glorifying gangsters who are still alive" idea, not the "anal rape in jail" thing) it seems pretty funny that gangsters (i.e. John Gotti Jr. getting mad at Rick for using "Teflon Don", Freeway Ricky Ross getting mad at Rick for using his name, etc.) think they're entitled to monetary compensation as a result of niggas being dumb enough to think that what they did is cool.

Its all good and well until someones daughter is hooking for crack rock...and ladies don't start gettin all preechy, suck*in di*k for free bottles of Rose' in the club is almost as bad. LOL.

Back to Officer Ricky....

I'm literally shaking my head...and while I love the song, I cant help but compare Rick Ross to CB4's MC Gusto....A wannabee rapper who stole the name and image of a gangster who had just gone to prison.

Gotta love Chris Rock. Pause.

Anyways... Keep it gangsta.



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Alovelydai said...

I thin k Gotti's family is trying to sue him...why can't dude just stop stealing people's names? Even Rick Rose is associated with a wine. WTH is wrong with this dude.