Monday, June 7, 2010

White people watching: Detroit.

So I'm stuck in class all week 8:30-5. Blows, I know. That being said, I didn't really feel like blogging... Who am I kidding, I got in from DC at like 1am still hungover.

Anyways, just so u aren't completely deprived, and because I'm bored in class pretending this iPhone is an HP 12c calculator, I'm posting some pics from the hoe down in Detroit. Don't worry, u'll get a real blog later.

Sorry dawg. I'm not drinking nothin called monkey nut.. Actually, I won't even drink piƱa coladas cause they look like nut!!! Lol. Pause!!!


Oh hell naw!!! Can we say atrocious!!( even if we can't spell it).

Can't be mad at the above... If I've got the balls to wear those..,

FYI I was not trying to take a pic of the big bootied lemon with the reverse camel toe. The pic is supposed to be of the woman who looks like a kid rock groupie's mom with cowboy boots and WHITE knee highs. Lol.

That's all I got for now. The boss is asking me questions about income cap rates.

Leave me alone! I'm blogging.

Still on that SIBE high, acting reckless.

---Show-sho la' payphone (I only collect dimes) lol.

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Paco said...

You got anymore of the big booty chick in the yellow? Luv the site.