Monday, June 21, 2010

TS Presents....You don't care about Retarded people, tell the truth.

The dynamic duo of dastardly deeds is on deck today. Prepare to be thoroughly offended.

TS (Aka Tako and Show) Present....

You don't care about Retarded people, tell the truth

How many times have you heard people use the word "retarded" only to be scorned by others and looked down upon with disgust. "They like to be called mentally challenged."

How the fuck do you know what they like to be called. I'm sure they'd much rather be called normal....that is, if they were normal. Whaaaaat? You think its wrong that I said that? OK, I'll break it's why we're right and you're as wrong as R-Kelly teaching an all girls Sunday school class.

"Retarded people are normal" .

No they aren't, or they wouldn't have a "special" moniker. They wouldn't have special blue parking spaces and wouldn't need helmets to do regular nigga shit.

We're normal...but that's because we don't eat our own feces or drool all over the place...unless I see J-Lo...Or I see Rosie Perez.

Anyways, now that that is out of the way let me say one thing. I'm sure we will have less followers at the end of the day, because someone will inevitably have a retarded sibling and call us insensitive pricks. Well....we are. But as always, there's a method to our madness.

Tako: Yea, the point is not to make fun of the re-tards (Alan from Hangover voice).

I'ma keep it 100.

Show: Nah son, keep it 200.

Aight, I'm gonna keep it 200 (slang for keep it 200% honest, for you white folk) and say this.

Most of yall don't care about retarded people as much as you think you do. You just don't want karma to bite you in your ass and God to give you a retarded kid. Oh, you think this isn't true Mr. and Mrs. Righteous???

Answer me this....

If you could have a million dollars for every person that u cursed with a lifetime of retard-dom, when would you stop?

Yea, i hear those tunes a'-changin' real quick. I can just hear niggas tryin to get all intellectual with it right now.

Hypothetical nigga #1 : Well, they are designed in God's image we might as well get paid.

Hypothetical nigga #2: I'm sayin....It can't be that bad being retarded. There's already thousands...whats another couple hundred.

Hypothetical nigga #3: you know how many bentleys I could buy. How many millions in a billion?

Now I'm not trying to get all self righteous and shit because I'm afraid doing things like typing this are going to curse me with a lifetime of caring for a disabled child as well. I just know that the big homie JC (You know, Jesus Christ) will respect my our honesty. If I get struck by lightning, your monkey ass is gettin struck down too Showrocka.

This is not to say people shouldn't have sympathy towards the handicapped, but that they should really just be honest with themselves. Sure they are made in God's image just like us, it is also quite possibly that God had a hangover that day or somethin. I'm just sayinnnnnnnn (Dream voice.) Fact of the matter is, It is sad that so many people are born with special needs. Just know these are results of genetic defects, and not God's wrath. Shit like Gonahrea...that's God's wrath. Why the fuck you think it burns. LOL.

Go ahead, curse us to holy high hell. I'm still gonna keep talking shit. Crack babies, fetal alcohol infected rugrats and emphysema lunged infants are unnecessary retards. Shit could be prevented if people took better care of themselves and their babies. Call this a rude awakening. Bitches.

In closing, If you care so much about retarded babies....go adopt one....donate some money to research or shut the fuck up.

-TS Boys.


eaglebird said...

LMAO...Aint no cut cards on this blog I see,nobody safe 'round these parts lls...But forreal tho' Rosie Perez sexy ghetto ass is mines I been claimed her back in the "white men cant jump" days!

Rock said...

Don't go there EagleBird.....

Messin with my woman is like messin with my emotions (Big Worm Voice).

Nick said...

haha you are going to hell.

Alovelydai said...

"Just know these are results of genetic defects, and not God's wrath. Shit like Gonahrea...that's God's wrath. Why the fuck you think it burns. LOL."

I laughed, I cried, I'm donating & adopting a genetically challenged kid just to restore my karma!

Paco said...

We had this girl back in high school who was hot as fuck. The only problem was she had a slight mental retardation but she didn't look anything like Corky from Life Goes On. She was more like a curly haired Shania Twain, with bigger boobs. She provided me many lonely nights of masturbatory fodder when I was but a young lad.