Friday, June 25, 2010

Random Tomfoolery

Yea Im late... Not like period late tho... It's still afternoon.

I admit, I am hungover. The end.

Just cause I love y'all though, Im gonna post my tomfoolery of the week.

This is an unnamed family member at a chineese buffet. While we are all ordering cokes we notice my aunt (whoops, so much for being descreet) pulling out a Kool Aid packet!!!!

W.T.D.D.A: Where they do dat at?!!!!

What flavor?? Grape. Smh.


Moving right along...

I was playing that Plies song "Goonette" where he starts by saying : "for her birthday got her a pink ski mask."

Big Sis-Rocka: I got one of those.


I know... Wrong on so many levels.

Here's some more for ya...

Talk about self richeous hoes not practicing what they preach.

Who's Here Profile description:

Status update #1:

Y'all hoes ain't right!!!!



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khaki la'docker said...

doing porn doesnt mean that she'll fuck just any ole facebook dude
hmmpf :insert sarcasm: