Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Hep-C, AIDS or Scabies--(Lloyd Banks Voice) Pt. 2

1st off, Shout out to Sunshinestar110 at You don't like my Opinion That's fine for bloggin heavy. Shout outs to Khack-a Lack just cause.

Also, Shout out to Q double at incredulous Scribes for the following quote:

"I never gave the black guy love for bagging a fat white girl. That shit too easy a blind asian can do it."


Now, let's play. No Homo.

Anyone who reads this blog is familiar with the regular cast of characters: Taka Flocka, Lefleur, Shanga, Buc Dinero, C4, ShowRocka, Caveman, Slope Rocka, Big Bams MD and Wja3. Well, today I'm gonna take you on an adventure with Rocka Flaka and Taka Flocka.

Last night Taka Flocka came through CT on his way from Philly to Beantown and kicked it with me in my hood. Ok, let's not lie...I dont live in the hood anymore...we kicked it in my suburb.

After about 1 tall Leinkugel and a coors light at the local Ruby Tuesdays, Tak's eyes light "Deer in the headlights," "girl in her first adult film" light up.

Show: Damn son. Did you see a ghost? Or a di*k? you closet homosexual. LOL.

Tako: That's her son.

Show: who?

Tako: Remember the old head (middle-aged)girl I smashed? the one who you guys found out about when I left my phone open?

Show: Oh, the bi*ch that had scurvy or Feline AIDS or somethin?

Tako: She didnt have AIDS, it was psoriasis...and're loud as shit.

It looked like this, only worse...according to Tak.

Anyways, for those of you unfamiliar with the story, here's a quick wrap up (if you want the full version, click here). Anyways, Tako met a 40 year old chick on who's here, got her naked and soon found out (after it was too late of course) that she had Psoraisis so bad that her skin felt part aquaman and part lepur. Dude was smashin Ariel from the little Mermaid!! OK, back to the convo.

Show: Yo, go up to the dude shes with and say "Yo son, be careful...that bi*ch be sheddin skin like a rattlesnake." LOL.

Tako: Now let's not do anything "Rash." Hahaha.

Show: Well, tell him not to go for it all in one night. He's gotta "Rash"-ion it out.

Tako: Now that's just being Ir-"Rash"-onal.

Me and Tak go at it like this for a while before I realize that they can hear us and we are just being plain rude. Tak, on the other hand didn't give a shit and tried to take a pic.

To make a long story short, it didnt come out well and we ended up leaving. Just for old times sake, Tak got on Who's Here to send her a message only to find this new profile.

" SMH. I see no scabies, scabs or Lepur marks. I also know that she just had a 4o-something-th birthday. This bi*ch is perpetratin'" --Tako


Quote me on this....If nig*as ain't sh*t, then bi*ches are half of that. Hahahaha.

--TS boys.


khaki la'docker said...

you guys are so effin mean!!!

sunshinestar110 said...

S/O yall for the s/o...those bloggin' heavy days have ended ya girl is taking a vacay so keep me entertained while i'm gone...

And i would have to agree with Khaki yall are mean...funny...but still mean lol