Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Good Di*k is like a Drug. PAUSE. LIKE MAJOR PAUSE!!!!!

I almost titled this post the politics of good di*k (no homo), but thought, there really isn't a lick (pause) of politics involved. It's actually quite simple.

Tako: Oh Lord..

You see, my friends....I was having a convo with my Blog Life partner Khaki, when...

C4: See that's when all the bullshit starts.

Lefleur: Word. Rocka La'Docker? That's a Major fish hop. Fish rider.

Anyways, like I was saying. Good di*k will make you act strange...or so I've heard.

WJA3: You can't no homo this post.
Tako: Hear him out, there's always a method to his gay madness. Hahaha.

Ahemmmm. Can the peanut gallery shut up as I present my case to the board? Thanks.

Show Presents...Good Di*k is like a Drug. PAUSE. LIKE MAJOR PAUSE!!!!!

All it takes is for a dude to get some good pus*y for him to realize its power. Hold on now. When I say good I dont mean like neighborhood freak of the week, fat ass mediocre face good. I'm talking the shiniest of dimepieces... SIBE good.

Let a dude get some good yum yum and he will walk with a little swag in his surf, more Diddy in his bop and more bounce in his step...if that step turns to a skip, ladies, watch out....he may be getting good di*k and not the aforementioned SIBE pu**y. LOL. The short of this is, good pus*y makes you confident.

Good pu**y makes you do reckless things like ignore calls from the old faithful bootycalls, tell your pudgy play dates its time to hit the gym, and demand head without reciprocation because...well, you're DAT DUDE right now. Shout outs out to Damone "Stick em Up" Pullen. No homo.

Good di*k, on the other hand, does not create within a female a sense of confidence, but rather a nebulous haze of irrationality. In short, good d*ck makes women dumber than they already are. Fuc*k that, it actually makes them crazy.

Sounds harsh eh? The only reason I say this is that I am sure 85% of the time men think with their di*ks and women think with their hearts. I wholeheartedly (no Chris Rios intended) believe a penis is smarter than a heart. LOL.

That being said, good di*ck must have spermicidal chemicals in it or something. It makes you ladies do things like leave the one you love for the one you makes you do shit like believe that the nigga smashing it actually wants you to be happy with or without makes you get pregnant thinking he's gonna put a ring on it. B**ch you aint beyonce. LMAO.

Good pu**y on the other hand, will just make niggas do things like stay with girls uglier than T.I's wife Tiny, and then cheat on them.

Good Pu**y will make you break lamps, miss appointments and blow the bread like your middle name is Wonder (Lefleur Voice.)

C4: Good Pu**y will make you do shit like act like Showrocka's reckless ass. I'm convinced he's actually gonna get some and do the SIBE one day. Or F**k a tranny.

Show: yea aiiiight negro.

The point of this post was to acually facilitate discussion about this little known fact that I happen to know is true. What do the ladies, and Gay dudes like M think of this?

Good Pu**y is a catalyst for change and can Obama-size your swagger.

Good Di*k can turn you into a fiend like Pookie from New Jack City...

AND leave you higher and dryer than Betty White's Punani.

That being said....bring on the good punani!!!

And shouts to all the girls brave enough to get good di*k, knowing the potiental hazards. LOL.

Tako: Preech!!!

Wja3: Bonita applebum, you gotta put us on!!!!

C4: The power of the P-U-SS-Y!!!

Show: Drops Mic. Pause.

--Rocka Flocka & Co.


MW said...

Where do pussy-hungry dykes fit into this hierarchy?

And I gotta tell you: no amount of good dick is going to make me start purging my little (digital) black book of the old faithful hookup buddies. Yeah, I might ignore a call or postpone them to another day, but damn son, you gotta manage your harem properly! You always gotta plan for that rainy day when there's nothing else but bad TV and an empty bed.


That being said, good di*ck must have spermicidal chemicals in it or something

...So, good dick must be auto-sterile? What the hell kinda nonsense is this? I know you took basic bio!

angela said...

was our conversation about good dick or attraction??? U gonna have people think that I was dickmatized! lol

khaki la'docker said...

Fawk! Ur blog has exposed my identity. Must.... maintain.... anonymity

Rock said...

@ Khack: You're slippin. See...Somebody must be giving you good di*k. God Bless that Man.

@ MW: You've got me. Bad word choice. You knew what I meant though. I must've been swagmatized by the possibility of procuring potientially powerful puss.

The A2K-10 Virus said...

Green Bench TV did a skit on The D a few years back. It involved the song, "Gotta Be The Dick."

Check it out, it is actually a ringtone now. Just don't actually use it as a ringtone, unless you soft serve.

In relocating to Philly on Sunday for the next 5 weeks to practice pharmacy (not sodomy) at the Federal Detention Center

The A2K-10 Virus

Because an announcer on tv should not be saying this phrase after an upset in the World Cup:
"Man, oh man. The Swiss just caught the biggest nu,t and it's going to last them a long, long time." (non pausito non fajito)

Its mme said...

Aunt jimina fitish