Friday, June 4, 2010

Cholera in the time of Love and Basketball Diaries.

Call me a wierdo but....

C4: Wierdo!

Wja3: Strange, strange man.

Tako: Wierd mutha fuc*a.

Like I was me a wierdo, but I oftentimes feel compelled to go beyond the bread and meat (No Homo) of this blog, and talk about some deep love.

Problem is, I don't think I know much about it. I mean I know I've been in love, and I know how to be hurt, feel cheated and be scorned...but sheiiit... I'd be a lying porch monkey if I said I had it all figured out. Now that I've officially made sure Khaki and Lefleur will both call me Gay, I'm gonna talk about the woman I once loved, still do love, and whom inspired me to start blogging.

C4 met her once and called me from the restaurant saying "should I go up to her?"

I responded with , "grab her boob." He didn't. Maybe it was his mutual respect for her since he is part bi*ch (LOL) and they are both Actresses. Maybe it was her status as the first butter pecan rican to make our mouths salivate and eardrums cringe. I for one, love her voice.

If I could have any one woman in the world, it would be her....with J-Lo's Butt and Shayla Hershey's boobs. What? I'm still a ni**a. LOL.

I often talk about Rosie Perez and Gabriel Garcia Marquez and just wanted to remind you all about the roots of this blog. Can't ever forget the muse, or the prolific poets of our century who inspire one to cause the masses the words of 20th Century Poet Prodigy from Mobb Deep, "get addicted to [their] diction."

Yea I'm fuckin wierd...but that's why you love me. I'm so typical at being A-typical.

I love spanish women, Japanese food, Belgian Beer and Irish car bombs. If you look, sound our smell anything like Rosie Perez I'll fu*ck you until your 9 months pregnant and not stop until there's a penis sized hole in the maturing pre-natal baby's head.

Thats right niggas and nigettes. Rosie is it. SIBE and SESIBE status aside, I think I have to do better for my boombastic baby boo (not to be confused with bombastic, which refers to exaggeratory speech). Rosie Posie is a R.R.K.

F**k skeeting in her and eating it out...thats juvenile. I'd Risk Retarded Kids for this lady. See, I aint even say bitch. Just remember how much respect I showed for my future wife 10 years from now when I'm sleeping with yours.

Sure she may have old, Golden girls dust mite pu**y by the time she notices me, but in the end, I'd still tear her geriatric ass up. Throw it back grandma rosie.

All jokes aside, though...this is what love is all about. I guess I was wrong in saying I knew nothing about love. Fuck what you heard, Love is all about one thing:

Finding your Rosie Perez.

-Rocka Flocka Kevin Costna


khaki la'docker said...

rosie perez, though? really???

Rock said...

Oh yes I love her like....Pussy, Money, Weed....(Lil Wayne Voice)

Alovelydai said...

Maybe with ear plugs...

Anonymous said...

Damn damn damn... That's all I can say about that.....LeFleur. Correction: nigga you gay (Riley voice)

The Imperial WJA3 said...

True story:

I saw the Love in the Time of Cholera movie with a dime piece...straight ridiculous chick. Date went to hell once I called the movie "cute".

NC17 said...

Rosie is BAD. I COSIGN -- "If you look, sound our smell anything like Rosie Perez I'll fu*ck you until your 9 months pregnant"

Freckles said...

wow. well I suppose you said that.