Thursday, May 20, 2010

Tough lesbians

Now I've already been labeled a hater and mysogonist (I can't spell, I know) so I guess pointing out the apparent ridiculousness and hilarity of "tough lesbians" doesn't really help my case. So be it. In all honesty, it's not that I hate "the gays" (lol at me using "the") so much as I don't really give a rats ass about their frickin gripes. You want equal rights? Fine. Just as I would talk shit about any other Tom fool acting out, I must similarly point out your flaws and shortcomings (pause) in a similar manner.

Now...How you like them apples? Or should I say peaches. Lol.

Now let's get past the fact that we men want lezbo hoes, sorry... Alternate lifestyle look like this....

We know it's not reality, but it sure is purrrrty. This being said, my problem isn't about being a lipstick lesbian (hot and girly) versus being a butch... The problem is as follows:

Tough lesbians stay acting like they can fu*k you up! !! Like damn son... You must've ate the last gangsta cookie from the gangsta cookie jar or something.

Yes your "girlfriend" is hot, but we ain't trying to steal her...she don't even like di*k!!

Still, these broadzillas walk around looking extra hard (pause) like they are better at being a man than you are!

You wouldn't like gay men walking around acting like they can suck better di*k than you, now would you?

It'd be a huge inconvenience for the prominent portion of the punani packing population if perpetrating pansies were buying up all the Victorias secret pastel panties in your size!!! Right?

I mean, trust, I'm a medium sized dude. OK, I'm lying, with growth hormones running rampant, I am the size of a "fit"woman. I can't get a medium sized hoodie because if you broads! Now I'm forced to buy oversized clothes like Kris Kross or Another Bad Creation (don't front like they weren't dope) back in 1992 or look like a "Kanye" wearing clothes smaller than the New Boyz. I may be a jerk, but I'll be damned if I let some skinny jeans tie me down!

C4: ummmmmmm... (pulls up pic on iPhone)

Show: why u bringing up old shit. That was Halloween. Lol.

Nevertheless, the point of the story is... I'd never hit a woman, but in a fair one, I'd fuck a lesbian chick up. Beat the brakes of her... Slap the sushi smelling slob out her mouth!!!

Y'all ain't tough!!!

Ok, maybe y'all are...

But just like I hope you women would win in a knob slobbin', booty shakin' or handjob competition, most men could whip a tough lesbians ass!!

I'm just sayyy-in. (Dream voice).

Gender roles exist not as a social construction but as an innate part of our DNA that makes sense. Quit messin with Jah's work before somebody gives y'all the business! Lmao.

Live from JFK and Vegas bound...

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SailorWifey said...

I totally agree. I'm bisexual, but I can't stand butch females. I honestly don't get the point either. I mean if I want a dude I'll get the real thing not some short ass female who walks around holding the plastic strapped to her va j j. Now I do know there are females who feel they should of been born a man and vice versa, but don't go claiming female when you bout to get that ass tapped...just sayin. And the whole point of being someone who like the same sex is "liking the same sex" right?!?! Did I miss a manual on how to be bi/lesbo whatever. I mean if I have to choose between Amber Rose and Da Brat (unless we talkin bout that one video that she was fine as hell in) I'm choosing Amber Rose cause if it comes down to da brat I'm going look for a man.

disclaimer: I'm now married so I only look at females...I don't touch anymore. LOL

♥ SailorWifey

MW said...

"Gender roles exist not as a social construction but as an innate part of our DNA that makes sense."

Seriously? The nature/nurture element aside (after all, if dykeness is in lesbians' DNA, then their expression of masculine gender roles might "make sense" in certain circumstances), this is not a sentiment I'd expect you to espouse, especially given the fact that so much of what this blog does is to skewer people who hyper-personify their gender roles to the point of self-parody, yet they still think they are classy, respectable people. Such real-life tomfoolery, which is the veritable bread-and-butter (else, "two-piece-an-uh-biscuit")of NHB, only helps to demonstrate the socially-constructed aspects of gender roles.

So, let's keep Jah out of this. I'm sure he's busy somewhere sorting out the skunk from the K.B..

LucyJuicy said...

ok I know im super late but: Show, who the hell are you in this Halloween pic? a super mario turtle?