Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Steeeeaalin' in the Name of The Lord!

Goooooo tell it on the moun-tain, Over the hills and in the shade!
Goooooo tell it on the moun-tain, We bastards gon' get paid!!!

C'MON SON! Stealing and church unfortunately have clearly been linked in the past in various different settings and schemes. The dastardly deed of reaching back into the collection plate has been literally and figuratively done by deacons and ministers, priests and ushers alike.

Show: If you f**kin with me, Really fu**in with'll put your hands in that collection plate, be my little thief...(Usher Voice.)

Tako: Show, you stupid.

Show: I'm just sayin. Look at her. Thats the reason why I sing. LOL.

Anyways... dis shit right herrrre, nicca?!?!?!

Coming straight out of a legit article from a legit source I'm still straight up flabergasted, uphauled and perplexed. Then upon a secondary review of the situation, I'll simply say

"read the names of these coons. We should've known these niggas was up to no good."

"They played and sang uplifting spiritual music for several churches, but after the praise and worship and soul food fellowship was through, police say they came back and stole more than $100,000 worth of equipment from several Georgia churches.

Police charged gospel singers Deshawn Rico Thomas, 28, of Augusta and Rico Pionegro Blackshear, 28, of Dublin with nine counts of theft and burglary.Police had been investigating break-ins at several central Georgia churches. A tipster suggested they take a closer look at Thomas and Pionegro. A search warrant revealed the stolen equipment in the pair's vehicles and homes.

No one is perfect. I'm not sure what would push these two men to praise the Lord one minute and then steal the equipment that other Christians use to praise the Lord in the next. It's not about what we do or say in public that counts but what happens when no one is looking. As my mother quoted to me all the time as a child, "What you do in the darkness shall come to light."

Show: No disrespect to your mom....but Nigga she stole that from Tyler Perry!!!

If these men are found guilty of theft, the churches that they stole from have an opportunity to practice what they preach and forgive these two wayward men.

Show: Yea but doesn't the Bible say an eye for an eye? If thats the case my theory about R-kelly getting an eternal afterlife full of golden showers may not be true. You mean to tell me that man's laws are binding, but the lord's are transitory? We just have to turn the other cheek (no homo) ?

C4: Now hold on, thats not what I'm saying.

Tako: In the words of 50 cent comparing himself to Dr. Martin Luther King, "It's non-violent, non-violent untill I'm hit with a rock....then it's Coretta fu*ck this sh*t, go get me my gloc" LMAO. C4's saying the church has to forgive...not god. God's there right now like, "oh, yall niggas wanna run up in my crib and steal shit? I got something for that ass playboy."

Wja3: There's a reason we encourage people to be God-fearing...I'm just saying. Tako may be right. In the end though, It will be interesting to see how the church reacts.

What do you think?

Show: I think.....

C4: Not you. The viewership.

- The Bros.


MW said...

I'd say this is open and shut:

The churches can forgive these hoodrats while still demanding their property back. That's how Catholicism works, at least: you forgive people on condition that the perform a penance (i.e. tabernacle blow-job).

I don't know about these Southern Blackanese churches, but I'm sure a chorus of old black women with giant church hats can shame anyone into doing anything with a forceful "mmm-hmm" or "mmm-mmm-mmm" in unison.

khaki la'docker said...

Im sure the church will forgive AND want their equipment back.

Damn, i hope those names are fake.

Alovelydai said...

And church said "nucca bring our ish back"

No seriously...Khaki what's up with that avatar sweetie...u okay?