Saturday, May 15, 2010

Cool shit daddy-o (w/ new images from the site!!)

Thursday night thuggery, New Haven, CT.

Watching a sexy ass Paris Hilton hoe get arrested as Bams, Lefleur and I discuss the politics of an unjust legal system.

In what country is the process of pervasive prosecution so prevalent that a prestine piece of prime punani (please see the prominanrly placed picture above) is allowed to partially partake in a post party prison stint?!!!! Lol.

Makes for a good photo op though. Free weezy and this girl!!! Lol.

Also, since we are talking about cool shit, I would like you all to visit this site I saw last night on the Detroit daily news. No, I'm serious. Why can't our news have funny shit like this? These hating ass dudes were really going in!!!? I should submit me ex! Lmao. Jk. But if Lefleur does it first, lol....

If my girl looked like this, however, I wouldn't care how big of a pain in the ass she was. I would, however, be selfish and prevent this surgery with all my .. Ummmmm.... Heart! :)

Booooooooooo at the worlds largest natural boobs ( sorry Shayla Hershey) now being small. We've gone from epic to mundane.

Speaking of epic, look at these Mexican drug cartel dudes. They've obviously been listening to too much rap. Bling-blingin out their artillery. Lmao. Sheiiiiit, why not? Lol.

That's all I got today.... It's Saturday, don't judge.

Holla at your boy if you're in Detroit tonite, or Vegas Next week. Chucccccccccch!

-Showrocka the black Kevin Costner patna.

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