Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Cin sity...almost the finale.

After nearly a week of C4 Blowing up every bathroom in a 10 mile radius, and lefleur spitting game like he swallowed a monopoly board, the bros sin city adventure is finally wrapping up. Lots of memories...

Who could forget label whores Show-sho and Hiep-hop wearing matching Louie belts (gay) and show just dressing obnoxious.

Im talking polo EVERYTHING while quoting that lil Wayne song... "polo t-shirt polo drawerssssssss"

Oh yea, and the trick daddy lyric "you don't know nann ni**a, that wear more polo shit than me bi*ch!" all the while wearing two Jesus pieces OVER a tie and dress shirt. Smh. Coon.

Other trip hilights include a video taken of a homeless man's standoff with the police after he looked like he tried to take a whiz on the cop car. Check out the screen shot until we are able to upload the video. Lol.

This was funny for a while, then we bounced because well.... They were cops and we are black. I'm just sayyyyyyin (dream voice.)

C4: Yea, and show is a coon timebomb waiting to go off so why let it happen in front of the law.

Show: I'm a coon? You stood on a chair in the restaurant with a 180 ounce beer!!!

C4: Well you and lefleur were pretending to surf in the club, then went around screaming "shots, shots" like lil John with a whole Brazilian soccer team.

Mind you, based on what I see on TV, these bitches mustve been the ugliest women from brazil. No offense ladies.

Show: yea yea yea (rihana voice... Pause).

I prefer to leave our own business out of this... I'm trying to find a respectable girl and y'all ain't helpin. Lol.

So.... How about some memorable quotes?

" I can't do 2 for 50... 25 a piece is the lowest I can go."

"I can't believe they are so racist towards guys down here."

"She is like B.T.T fine... Make you wanna bite the tampon."

"Fu*ck waiting in line. I hot the biggest di*k in this casino."

"I respect your fatness."

"Damn, I'm in pain."

"I don't want no pussy beer in my face."

"Why wear pants with my ass hanging all out. Now the meat, that makes sense."

"Keep the coffee coming like I keep the ladies coming."

"I don't trust no Mexican with my cake."

"Why you living in the past? Stop thinking about her, she dead."

"Half the fun is WAKING UP and drinking."

"Ugly bitches: the opposite of pretty ladies."

"Well then, poop at will."

"You trying to get me drunk with your breath? Smell like straight yac!"

And finally after 97 Bud Lights, 12 Keystone Lights, too many mixed drinks, more blown bread than we care to remember on clubs, slots, tables and buffets, sightings of Lem-Ons and SIBE's, expelling noxious fumes, watching MTV Jams, not sleeping enough and laughing as hard as we want, the NappyHeaded Vegas Trip comes to an end.

Stay tuned for our next destination of coonery, buffoonery and hogwash tomfoolery.

Live, Love, Life Vegas 2 Ya Door,

Show-Sho and C4

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Anonymous said...

Can't forget "she wasn't hot. She was just dressed appropriately. She was fat but her dress was made of good fabric and fit her frame."