Friday, May 28, 2010

Barbershop heineken babies

Funny stories from the barbershop...about Heineken.

Now normally u hear some crazy, wild wicked shit in the barbershop. Niggas kickin chicks in the stomach to avoid abortions, people spending counterfeit ones in the strip club... You know, the regular shit. That being said, I can't lie and say that I'm not shocked when people say off color shit, just as long as it's in the barber shop.

Tako: off color like, "sheit I ain't racist, I got a colored TV!!"

C4: Yea. Like that.

Exactly. Even with this being said, the barbershop heineken niggas made my jaw drop (PAUSE!!!).

Black African American Negro #
1: Yea man, Heinekens are the shit.

Side note from show: no they are not. They taste like shit. They are the little retarded kid with leg braces of imported beer alongside their club footed, pigeon toed cousins with a lisp called Coronas. Ok... Continue.

Black African American Negro # 2: Yea, I taught my daughter how to walk with a heineken.

Black African American Negro # 1: You too!!???

Side note from Show: Oh he'll the fuck naw. 2 simeoultaneous instances of Sean coonery. Smh. Aiiight captain coon # 1 and 2.... tell us how....

Black African American Negro # 1: My baby used to always crawl and try to grab my heineken. So i would put it further and further. Then I'd put it on the coffee table so she had to stand up.

Wja3: passive aggressive partenting at it's best. Lol.

Black African American Negro # 1: Eventually she was able to walk to it.... I don't think she liked the taste much though.

C4: Smh.

Black African American Negro # 2: Well my daughter used to cry because she couldn't drink what daddy wad drinking. To get her off the bottle I used to have to give her my Heinekens!!!!

That shits expensive tho, so we started putting juice in a Heineken bottle. Now she drinks out a cup!

Show: Juice or Heineken? Lol.

I don't know if I can co-sign this. I mean, I'm all for teenagers havin a brew (long as they aren't driving), and letting pubescent boys whack off to playboys, but this shit right here??? Lettin Babies get twisted? Where they do that at.

Niggas, white people and native American pigmy Indian chinamen ... We have to do better. Cut it out!!! ( uncle Joey voice). Lol.


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