Friday, April 9, 2010

A Really Big Bird named Kat Stacks.

First off, fu*k VH1 for giving Brandy and Ray-J a show. Don't nobody want to see him try to act normal, and nobody wants to see her at all. We want that "yall got love for Ray J", "She smashed the homies?" shit.

Scondly, I don't normally jack shit from other sites, but this was hilarious, and dealt with my man crush (no homo) Mr. Weezy F. Baby, and verified my theory that whether directly or indirectly, 99% of niggas are trickin.

Oh yea, it also shows that most bad bitches are chickenheads to some extent. Don't believe me? Ar you a bad chick? Hmmmmmmm. Think about how many designer items you have. Now think of how many other people bought you (for whatever reason.) Ahh haa. thought I heard the faint sound of clucking. Birds. LOL.

Anyway, this chick right here is Bad...She's like J-lo with a beyonce voice baaaaaad. Bad like we used to think Hilary was on Fresh Prince of Bel Air. Bad like Whitley from a Different World.

C4: Nigga we get the point.

Sexy or not , she's looking to top Superhead for the biggest bird in America Prize. Good luck sweetie. True story though...I'd pay you for ass before I ever bought your book and let you profit off your ho acivity. Stupid.

Shouts to for Asking the "Do you know how bird-ish you sound?" questions, without her even realizing it.

Show Presents...A Really Big Bird

Bigbird: Striped shirt? Yea. She Smashed the Homies.

Elmo: Pimp Game proper. I got hoes on deck.

Let me stop playin.

Show Presents...A Really Big Bird: HiphopDx interview's Hatin ass Kat Stacks.

HipHopDX: Who is Kat Stacks?

Kat Stacks:
Well Kat Stacks is the one who is exposing all these fakes-ass motherfuckin' rappers out here. It's time to taint their image and shit. They calling Child Services on me and shit.

DX: So what's your whole beef with Young Money?

Kat Stacks: Young Money is a bunch of motherfucking roommates. They call themselves Young Money, because they don't got no grown-ass money. They ain't got shit, them motherfuckers is all roommates - they just fronting for their image. All they do is treat bitches wrong and I ain't the only one. I'm the only one out here brave enough to speak out on those motherfuckers. I'm just a spokesman for what they are and you can see on my website how I have proof of it.

Hate, Hate, Hate.

Show: Bird, Bird, Bird!!!

DX: Is it true that you had sex with all of them, if you don't mind answering that question?
Kat Stacks: Yes!

DX: Did you like any of them? As far as having sex with them... what made you do that?
Kat Stacks: The only one that paid out of all of them was Jae Millz. He paid for himself, and he paid for Gudda Gudda. He also paid for me to bring other girls over, but Lil Twist he never paid. He left me standing [in] downtown [Miami]. It’s just time to expose them, because I’m sick of their shit. [Laughs]

DX: You just said Jae Millz himself and his crew paid to have sex with you. How much did they pay?
Kat Stacks: The first time I met Millz was through this other square bitch, because she didn't know what the fuck she was doing with him. I snatched his number from her phone and we started talking. I told him it was $650 for each hour, so he was like, "Oh, let me see you in person." We met up and he let me up to his crib. He paid for like seven hours the first time I met him. After that, about three weeks later he called me up again in Miami to bring some more girls over. I brought two girls over and he paid for them too. Gudda Gudda was there too.

DX: So hold up, you just said Jae Millz paid seven hours worth. How much you charge again, so I can get this clear?
Kat Stacks: 650.

DX: You charge 650 dollars?
Kat Stacks: Yeah.

DX: Not to be to nosy, but what comes with that 650?
Kat Stacks: You get to come just one time. [Laughs]

DX: None of them tried to hit it raw, did they?
Kat Stacks: Nah, they all use condoms.

Wja3: Well aint that responsible. LOL.

Show: Bo-ring....lets get to the part where she gets dissed. I think we've established that shes a giant chickenhead already.

DX: Where was the initial stand, like "I'm tired of being treated like this, so now I'ma put y'all on blast"?
Kat Stacks: Because [one] night I got left and was stranded downtown. I had to call people I used to go to school with to come pick me up. The cab was like over 100 dollars. I was pissed off. I was really mad that night and Lil Twist left me stranded. I started talking shit on Twitter and everybody was [stopped talking to me]. Jae Millz, the next day, started texting me bullshit [like] "Take care of your child, you bitch," and all that shit. So I was like, "Alright, I'ma just expose this nigga, if he want act stupid and cut me off."

C4: She got dissed by 15 year old Twist Hefner!!!! LMAO.

DX: They have the hit-single on the radio "Bedrock," but you have said they don't make your bed rock. You said they make your bunkbed rock. Can you talk about that?

Kat Stacks: [Laughs] The first time I went to Jae Millz' house I was expecting like a nice home on top of shit, like Bow Wow's condo or Lil Wayne’s crib and shit. No! The fucking crib is smaller then mine's - a dirty-ass carpet and little tiny-ass bed. Their all fuckin roommates and Mack Maine stays there too. [Laughs] What the fuck? Y'all talk "money" this and that, but y'all living lower than me.

DX: Well what's your whole beef with Lil Twist when you said he's really not 18 years old...
Kat Stacks: Yeah! The first time I fucked with Lil Twist was on Twitter. I was like, "Oh, you tryin' catch me on some fucked up rape charges." He looks like he's fucking 12 years old, and he's like "No, I'm not." When we met up I was like, "Show me your ID to prove to me you're 18." He showed me his identification so I went along with it. That's just for his image and fanbase, that's what makes him money

Show: Someone please say something intelligent.

DX: At the end of the day, what do you think you're accomplishing with all of this?
Kat Stacks: Being on top. [Laughs]

Show: Yes!!! Aka. "You ar a stupid ho, you know that? What's your Justification?

DX: But how are you ending up on top? What do you get out of this, as some people will think the rappers still won?

Kat Stacks: People might look at it like they won, but I'm not gonna be just another hoe they fucked. I'ma be another hoe that got fuckin' paid. I'm going on top right now.

DX: Are you done with what you're doing with these rappers?
Kat Stacks: Some still hit me up. As long as they got money, it's all good. [Laughs]

Tako: Spoken like a true ho. C4, Lemme borrow 650....



Anonymous said...

If you a ho, be a ho, do you. I can’t believe she complaining about a $100 cab ride. Your hoeing aint up to par if you can't afford a $100 cab ride.

Rock said...

Kat Stacks is bad. I might have to take out a home Equity line of credit and smash that for like a week.

khaki la'docker said...

Im confused??? She's on top because she got played by broke "rappers" and then tweeted about it??? Im going to leave this one alone.

RoByn LaTice said...

Um...its cute how she think that she came out on top of all of this. I mean really..who's life has she fucked up. Being a bragging hoe dont make you that much different from them other the end she just gone be one paycheck less with her talkin ass.