Monday, April 5, 2010

Only in Philadelphia....a School / Nightclub

Only in Philadelphia, home of the Phila-sixer-flyin-eagles can some shit like this happen. Check out the news link excerpt below. I forgot to cite my sources, (yea I know,) but just know it came from some Pennsylvania news site.

Showrocka's Coon News of the Week

City officials in Philadelphia are outraged at a Philadelphia charter school that is being accused of doubling as a nightclub.

Tako: Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat.

Show: Tagatapitusberry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

C4: Shaddddup.

Club Damani has an arrangement with the Harambee Institute of Science and Technology Charter School which allowed it to operate as a club that served liquor during off hours.

The agreement came to light after WPVI-TV Channel 6 aired a segment on the school, showing liquor bottles strewn around the school, which serves 450 students.

The arrangement is under fire, because the charter school received over $3.5 million dollars in public funds.

Additionally, the liquor license the building operated in has been expired since 2008.

City Controller Alan Butkovitz told the Philadelphia Daily News that neighbors were outraged at the arrangement because of the noise from the club, which is located on N. 66th Street.

The club has until April 10 to obtain three needed business permits, or the city will shut the club down.

Dammmmmmmmn. When we told little Raekwon that he needed to join some school clubs, this is not what we had in mind!!!!! Only thing running through my mind though, was "hmmmm. What if nikkas were runnin a little shake jawn (strip club)? It may make it easier for single mothers to work AND drop their kids at school. Imagine it!! Deadbeat dads would start taking care of their kids and even attending parent teacher conferences.

A Perfect world! Strippers with educations and pensions!! Fathers taking care of their children!! Health care for all.

C4: Dream over. Come on nigga, we gotta gt Tako from the Train Station so he's not late for his court date.

Show: Riiiiight. No strip club heaven here. Just Good old New Haven, where there were 4 shootings last weekend. Damn. And it aint even hot out yet.

Wja3: Hey show, are your rims on your car?

Show: yeah. Why'd you ask that. Do you think.....

Show, Tako & C4: Ahhhhhh. (Enlightenment. )

Wja3: You've got it. The correlation between Rim season and violence is painfully all to existent. Rims are like sneakers for cars and as Huey from the Boondocks put it, "Nikes are like 100 dollar land mines" and catalysts for nigga moments.

Show: Word.

C4: Dead.

Tako: Early.

P.S. Keep your kids off the pole and Philadelphia, we have to do better. You know damn fuckin well you can't be runnin no nightclub out of a school. I don't care if R-kelly and pleasure P were your primary investors...Its a bad idea. Funny tho.

Somebody get that nigga Michael Nutter on the phone....between this and him not declaring a State of emergency in PA for that dumb ass Mcnabb trade, I'm startin to think he's slippin.

-The Bros.


Greta said...

Alex: I spent 2 hrs reading everything I can find on H...bees. I thought this was the funniest. I won't even say what I am thinking right NOW.

Some conservative Christians in Kenya have opposed the use of the word "Harambee," alleging that it is derived from an expression of praise to a Hindu deity: Ambee Mata (a reincarnation of Durga riding a Tiger). The railway linesmen carrying huge loads of iron rails and sleeper blocks would chant "har, har ambee!" (praise praise to Ambee mother) when working. The first president, Jomo Kenyatta has been said to have witnessed a railway line team as it worked in cohesion and harmony. It represented the metaphor he wanted to reflect: a nation working together and communicating and sharing its load. Others dismiss such objections, arguing that this explanation of the word's origin, even if true, is irrelevant to its modern usage and meaning.

Rock said...

I love smart people. P.s.

Who's Alex? ;) LOL.

Greta said...

I was thinking what name to give "Showrocka" and I didn't like the other 3 niggas I came up with--Tom, Dick or Harry, I prefer Alex as in Alexander the Great, the most celebrated member of the Argead Dynasty and he created one of the largest empires in ancient history.

Rock said...

If history serves me correct, Alexander the great was gay.

To each his own, but that's why i like the whole Alexzander with a Z thing. It masculanizes the name and negates the Historical Alexander's indiscretions.