Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Nappyheadedbros Became a Fan of.....

I know you've all been on America's favorite Social Networking site commonly refered to as FB, and seen many of your friends become "fans" of particular things or groups. I always look at these and chuckle, thinking damn....If I were the nigga creating the slogans or groups that people should "be fans of", there would be more than a slight chuckle. Mutherfuckas would be laughing out loud. Literally. LOL. L.

Why, might you ask?

Because the things mentioned are funny only in their being shamefully true. Add a Nappy headed bro to the equation and you add a dash of "I don't give a fuck what people say or the reprocussions." Now we're ge(tit)ing somewhere.

Let the games begin.

What if FB did let the bros take over? What if upon logging in, you saw some shit like this....LOL....

Showrock Becam a fan of...

"I thought you were fine until I realized you were wearing Pajama pants in public and that you probably wore them to bed and havent washed your coochie since."

"Neither Gucci nor Louis Vuitton Makes a head scarf that looks like that. Who are you fooling?"

"No, it is not OK to have your two year old opening beer bottles and lighting your cigarttes for you"

"It's not that I dissed you because your fat...Its because you're fat and ugly. I can't deal with both."

"Of course I believe you when you say you've never done this before. Sucker."

"No, I don't think its cute that your Ugly baby can sing the whole Wacka Flocka Flame song. Can your child even read?"

"Damn son? You still don't have a job. Do unemployent checks last that long?"

C4 Became a Fan of...

"I'm not a pushover...I just put up with this shit cause I haven't smashed yet."

"Yes wearing silver hoops makes you a certified Chickenhad. Duh!!!"

"If you didnt want guys hollerin at your mom, you shouldn't have brought her out clubbing"

"Why you got your freak em' dress on accepting free drinks if you know you got a man?"

"What the fuck does 'its complicated' mean. Either you got a man or you don't."

"Babysitter? That nigga is five!! He can't watch himself for 20 minutes while I pound you out? "

WJA3 Became a Fan of:

"No a tribe called quest wasn't a group of Indians. Give me that damn gucci mane tape so I can break it."

"You don't swallow? How old are you? Oh, this isnt going to work."

"Why can't you use the N-word? Say it and I'll show you...Nigga. "

"That aint real coach. This chick got an "assistant coach" bag. "

"If her favorite restaurant is Red Lobster, she's probably a bird."

"If her 2nd favorite restaurant is Olive Garden, shes definitely a bird. "

"If you don't have a car, you shouldnt be hollerin at women at the bus stop. She can do bad all by herself."

Taka Flacka Flame Became a Fan of:

" Your baby daddy was locked up how many times? You sure know how to pick em'."

"Why is your fat ass walking on the treadmill. Run. Get your heart rate up, do somthing!!!"

"Yeah I'm with a white girl. Her ass is fatter than yours. You maaaaaaad????"

"Just cause you're a black girl in college don't mean you dont have to perm your hair."

"Even if they renamed newports 'coonports', niggas would still buy them."

"I don't care if she's old...she still got some huge knockers."

"yea, yea..I'll go down on you....just gimmie some dome first."

"Gucci Mane? Is that Nigga named after a woman's bag?"

We know we aint shit. But you love it, and we love you. No homo.

--The Bros.


Pimpin Pab said...

I'm bout to put some of those up for yall lol nice

Rock said...

I was called the "definition of a coon" today, and been told that we "used to be funny, but now are a disappointment."


I figure to each his (or her) own opinion, but in reality..I haven't gotten a death threat in a while....

Are we losing it? Thoughts?

khaki la'docker said...

And joining in without an invitation...

Ms. La'docker became a fan of

*Dude, no one rocks two toned doo-rags anymore... especially with the tail hanging. As a matter of fact, no one rocks doo-rags at all.

*Get over it- you'll never have waves

*No more corner store lacefronts!

*Take a stand against NyQuil dick

*There's no reason why your BMW should have bald tires

*Uggs, shorts, and sweatshirt? Try again.

*Wigs are for cancer patients, alopecia sufferers and women over 50. Youre 16 and shouldnt be sporting a blond highlighted wig to school

* I am the affectionate type- I just dont like you.

thanks for the thursday chuckle guys

A2K-10 Virus said...

A2K-10 Virus became a fan of...

'Girls who don't fu** on the first night, so they bash the next morning. WTF?'

'People who for some odd reason post twitter tweets as their facebook statuses (um Willy)'

'Of telling jumpoffs at 3am to look up the definition of *jumpoff* on google'

No really, put in 'define jumpoff' in google's search engine. You will find it is very adequate for the bird who is oversteppin her bounds tryna hang out during the day

In bringin my desktop to my last class of pharmacy ever,

A2K-10 Virus