Monday, April 26, 2010

The Girl with her Man's name tattooed on her neck.

Time for a Hood Rorschach Test (if you don't know what this is, read a book!!! or click here.) In walks Showrock in a Lab coat which looks like its from Halloween, holding some ink blot cards.

C4: I see a girl who's made a poor life decision without regard for the repercussions this may have on her career (even working at Wendy's or Nail school counts as a career), future or ..ahem..."marketability."

Wja3: I see a product of the well known an all too vicious cycle of poverty, ignorance and the perils of pop culture.

Tako: I see a dime piece I can probably smash, and is most likely a ride or die chick. I need one of those on my team.

C4: Tako, you have no team...and stop talking like you're from some hood in compton.

Show: Tako's got a point....

Wja3, Tako and C4 all turn their heads, apparently shocked....

The Girl with her Man's name tattooed on her neck.

(Insert MW"s translation of what this really says in Japanese. What?! It was the only pic I could find of a neck tattoo not on a black person. JK. I dont like to reinforce stereotypes. LOL.)

So back to what I was saying.

Being newly single and all, which is still not fun, I get a lot of people trying to hook me up with girls I have no interest in. Countless days of people saying "you're a good catch," this girl "has a lot going for her" only succeed in making me think, hmmmm....if she's got so much going for her, she obviously doesn't need me and will probably try to upgrade at some point. Damn. Truth hurts.

Tako: Hahaha. This nigga mad cause he got "Beyonce'd."

Point of the story is not to initiate a pity party or for me to kick Tako's ass, (fuck, he's Asian and probably knows karate) , but rather to show that "being in school," having a "good job" or "not having kids" aren't necesarily the best determinants of a good girlfriend "fit." Not always, at least...

I knew he was gonna try and kick some deep shit cause he's wearing a tie. Go on....

Relationships are all about trust, sacrifice and being willing to hold each other down through thick and thin right? Well , in that case give me the girl with her man's name tattooed on her neck . She was down to not only say "i'm riding with this dude for life" (even if he, and she was willing to show the world.

This being said, there's only one problem with this theory....

Girls with Niggas names on their neck look crazy!!! The neck is a ridiculous place for a tattoo...

Wja3: Nigga!!

Tako: Please!!

Show: For a woman, guys...for a woman.

where the sacrifice comes in...are you willing to look past this hood version of the Scarlett letter because you know that below the beautiful blemish that says "King Tone" you've got a good woman? I am.

Disclaimer: I'm no fool and know that 85% of girls with their mans name tattooed on them are either crazy, uber hood or complete idiots with no future, the same way that 70% of girls you met in club are whores or chickenheads. FYI, you are not ALL in the 30% of non-chickenheads just because you can read or are friends wih the Bros.

This being said, bring on the tattooed bi*ches!!!!


C4: What about dudes with names on their neck?

Show: Why would you be bringing me dudes, i don't get it.

C4: Never mind. Chauvinist.

I feel you though. While your discourse is at times rough around the edges I do see what you are getting at. Don't pigeonhole yourself into thinking a particular type of girl is a "good woman", thereby limiting your pool of potential. Good work Show...But I still aint dating a chick with no fuckin Neck tattoo.

Tako: Any your call yourself a Baltimore nigga. SMH.

--The Notorious B.R.O.S


MW said...

That neck "art" (你死我活) is "You die, I live", in Chinese. Meaning, "one of use has to die, and it's gonna be you". It's actually a Rocka-worthy tattoo.

Can't Tako speak ANY goddamn Asium language?

Anonymous said...

I can speak it, I just can't read it.....

Actually, Im lyin'.

I only speak the language of bitches!!! It's Taka!!!!!

--Taka Flocka Flame (pause)

Anonymous said...

Having been recently "Beyonce'd" myself I can definitely see things from Rocka's point of view. (which is usally not the case cause that niggs weird) lol. While I agree, sacrifice is order I WILL NOT date a chick with any neck tattoos! Yet, I will look at other signs of loyalty. Basically, I view todays post as an educated depiction of the old cliché, never judge a book by its cover. - LeFleur - p.s. ......pppppprrrrrrrr

A2K-10 Virus said...

What's worse? Tatoo on the neck or tatoo on the pussy?

Personally tramp stamps are sufficient for me to bash, but I'm marrying the woman who's body is ink free (less Hep C & HIV risk + can donate blood if necessary).
You want to show this miscreant you a Ryde of Die Chick? Go out and grocery shop, cook me dinner, and lick my neck from time to time.


Final in t-minus 15 minutes

A2K-10 Virus

Rock said...

I thought A-2K 10 was a G.... SMH.