Monday, March 22, 2010

Stop Changing your phone number Damnit!!!

Everybody's got a friend that is still using a pre-paid phone in 2010 and never has any minutes. Matter of fact, some people even have this friend AND the other type of friend (or ahem...sister...cough, cough) that constantly changes their phone number due to crazy niggas calling, chickenheads beefing with them, or other run of the mill reasons like trying to avoid child support.

This being said, the decision to not store these numbers in ones phone is a perfectly logical one. You will eventually forget which number is correct and after dialing "Mike", "Mike Cell", "M-Boogie," "Mike New", "Mike Current", etc. you are liable to say f**k this dude. LOL. No homo.

This, however, is why you HAVE TO SAVE THE NUMBERS. See the following text convo between me and my boy, who I thought was one of my homegirls. Now mind you, this dude is recently out of jail and I definitely aint trying to send the wrong signals. Shit is funny tho.

This was an actual "LOL" moment. I laughed out loud.

Tako: Gimie a G...yea, you got your G, you got you're G!!!!

C4: The "G" Isn't for Gangsta.

Wja3: You know how I know you're gay...? (Knocked up Voice) LOL.

DEZO: This isn't as Gay as when he was singin that Nicky Minaj song yesterday and putting his name in it. Rocka Minaja I believe he said.

Show: F**k you all, and DEZO, how'd you get in here?

C4: Rocka Minaja? Really. That's worse than when you re-named Dear Mama as "Dear Rocka." You are vain and the bastardization of hip hops songs is unnecessary when the artists are already doing it themselves.

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Tako: Go back to the drawing board and finish those "Pin #'s" and "Masturbation" posts. No homo.


--The Bros

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Akira said...

i like these group posts.