Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I'm glad Serena has a weave

Tako: Show's ranting again.

You know what? I'm glad Serena has a weave... I feel it's one of the most significant accomplishments for black women in the 21st century and new millenium. I don't give a shit about tennis, however, this becomes relevant as I do care about gender inequality and the glass ceilings faced by many intellectual women with perms and weaves.

C4: White people, please stop praising nappyheaded hoes for their "all natural" and "authentic" hairstyles. You're really just encouraging laziness.

Going to school with a plethora of ivy league morenas I was forced to accept women the fact that educated black girls were afraid of perms and weaves. Could it be their desire to distinguish themselves from chickenheads? Maybe their stand against constantly having to "explain the concept of weave" to Caucasians ? Whatever the cause, girls who tried to avoid the pitfalls of being pigeon holed as ghetto, ended up looking like hot ghetto messes!!!

Wja3: to each her own...but use a comb.

This being said... Ladies!! You can be succesfull without having nigga naps, or hair so short you can curl it with rice. Short haired girls, You are not eve, Rihana or zane... You aren't bohemian... And I don't care if your an African transplant, there's no need to have left your comb and Dark and Lovely in the motherland. Sheiiiiit. Imus was right.

Thanks Serena.

Tako: Ass!

C4: ehhhhhhh. I've heard worse

Wja3: dick. Pause.



A2K-10 Virus said...

India.Arie ft Akon- I Am Not My Hair

A2K-10 Virus
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khaki said...

dead at curling hair with rice. LMAO

Show said...

I heart khacki. Did u get the highheeled air max 95 pumps I sent u for ur bday?


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