Monday, March 29, 2010

Chickenhead Killer Pt. 1

With all the shit that went down this weekend, i.e. my Surprise party a week before my birthday AND someone who shall not be named having to be bailed outa jail, you'd think we'd have an awesome blog lined up for you today. Unfortunately, so much happened that we haven't even finished chronicling it, so yall will get it later on in the week.

Chickenheads, you aren't in the clear.

Show-Sho No H. Presents...Chickenhead killer Pt. 1

Show: What's you're natural haircolor? I always remember it being blonde.

Girl: We went to elementary school together. You think I was dying my hair in first grade?


Next shorty proceeds to tell me that some little girl in her daughter's first grade class is rockin the two toned, black on blonde dye job. Really? First grade chickenheading? Ladies, STOP THE CHICKENHEAD SHIT!!! I've only got one word for that .


I never forget the first time I heard the word chickenhead. My boy Omizz, who was a little badass and was essentially the one person who taught me all the bad shit I knew (before I met Jabari) was actually using it in our 3rd grade class when the teacher confronted him.

Teacher: How dare you say that. Do you even know what that means.

Show: No. (What? Was I supposed to tell the truth and say 'yes, it means this 9 year old girls is going to grow up and slob knobs?)

O-Mizz: Yea, I know what it means. She a Chickenhead.

Teacher: Would you feel comfortable saying that in front of her dad??

Now had I been the person I am now, transported back in time, I would've responded with "Dad? Like she even knows that nigga's name. LOL, " That didn't happen, however, and o-Mizzy just responded with an emphatic. "Yea, and I'll tell her mom too. She's a hoe. "

WOWZERS. Funny shit though.

Little bad Ass Riley from the boondocks ass nigga. LOL.

I know this didn't really have anything to do with anything, but whatever. It made me laugh. Funny thing is, the reason I even started talking about chickenheads was because today its raining and all the bootlegged Louis vuitton, Coach and Gucci Headscarves are out . Ladies, take heed.

Don't buy a hat with a matching bag.

Girls in headscarves in public are the equivalent of dudes trying to wear do-rags with suits, or in a nice restaurant. With the flap out!!! Looks dumb. Dead it.

Oh last thing for the dudes dating these chickenheads. While extremely good chickenhead bait, (trust me, I used to have one with gucci seats,) 1990's 3 Series BMW's are NOT MERCEDES MAYBACH'S!!! They ARE NOT BENTLEY'S!!! They are not even NEW BMW 3 SERIES!!! Cut it out.

Saw this on the way to work. Disgusting. Male Chickenheads.


khaki said...

you being an Aries explains a lot now. LOL

and yes, I EFFING HATE when women rock that flea market Coach and LV belt, bag and scarf like its real. Cant even pronounce Burberry correctly but they'll smother themselves in replicas from head to toe. Dudes rocking those fake ass Prada's.... :sigh:

MW said...

That was some seriously poorly-collaged Google Images skunk junk! You even used the same Pepé Le Pew image twice.

Image production values aside, that two-tone look went out with the invention of Technicolor. Does anyone still Rock the Skunk™? Wipe the stink off your ass and cut your hair: only Pepé ever confused skunk with pussy.

Anonymous said...

those werent gucci seats. those were gucci pillow cases