Saturday, March 6, 2010

Bad mothers' blog

W A R N I N G !!!

This post contains photos that are NOT SAFE FOR WORK! If you're at the office then please scroll quickly past this post or click on the link to an individual post, and come back to this later...because it's pretty damn hilarious. Now enjoy....

Not ok!!!

Out of control!!! And not like "little white kid temper tantrum in the store out of control". This is like "fuck DCF get the tazer and wire hanger out of control."

This is the worst, only because half of you have done some variation of it... Just cause your kid was in the other room watching the backyardigans or Yo gabba gabba don't make this ok... Ya myspace ho!!! Lmao.

And just for good measure, I saw this nonsense in a new haven newspaper!!

Is this even legal? How!!!? It's like selling hand jobs or clit massages.

People, we've got to do better.

Live, live...ain't no love here.


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khaki said...

I feel for those kids :(

Rock said...

We won't do our kids like that khack.