Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Worst I've Ever Heard

Big Breasted Blonde with English Accent: So, Mr. Sho No-Homo, how would you describe your musical tastes?

Show "Sho-no Homo": I wouldn't say I'm a hip hop purist, because I listen to a lot of contemporary garbage simply for its comedic value. I will attest to a few things, however, which may place me in the category of "Hip Hop Head," and a few others which will place me in the category of crazy ass nigga who knows nothing about music.

The fact is, the 1990's was the best era of Hip Hop period.

Being an underground rapper is not synonymous with being a "good" rapper.

There is no debate as to who the best emcees are. The list is as simple as Nas, Pac, B.I.G and Jay. Fuck Pun, Fuck Eminem, Fuck Daddy Kane, Fuck KRS 1. They were good, but not the best.

Fabolous is a modern day Ma$e minus the personality and sidekick (diddy).

The question of "who is the best rap tandem ever" has three correct answers ( Ghost & Rae, Talib & Mos, Dre & Big boy) ...

Despite my personal favorites being Beans & Free.

Big Breasted Blonde with English Accent: Wow. You really laid it out there. Impressive.

Show "Sho no-homo": No, that's impressive... Lets fuck.

Big Breasted Blonde with English Accent: Excuse me!??

Show "Sho no-homo": Freely & Undeniably Create Knowledge. F.U.C.K.

Big Breasted Blonde with English Accent: Ahhhhhhh...OK my nigga, drop a gem on em'.

The Worst Song I've Ever, Ever, Ever Heard!!!!!

Now prior to this, the dumbest song I ever heard was by some girl name "Peaches." I believe it was called "Calling Me," but I'm not sure. The lyrics, however, I could not forget as they went from "Suckin on my titty like you wantin me , callin me" to "Suck my tit, S.O.S/ stay in school, cause it's the best." WTF!!!?

At least it was entertaining.

The following song, though it may have some good lines like "I know Ellen can't be eatin' your pussy right" and "I know she's [Kim Kardasian]with Reggie Bush, but that was Ray J's Bush..she used to blow it, used to blow it like Grade A Kush", the song as a whole is so raunchy and offensively bad that it actually offends me!! And to think, Ray J is one of my favorite singers (and I use the term singer loosely.)

Enjoy and give me your thoughts...The lyrics aren't work suitable, but the video is fine..just a montage of Ray J and Game pics.

The Game Featuring Ray-J: Pussy Fight.

Really Guys????!!! Seriously dudes?

Live, Love, Music pre 1996.


P.S. Post a link to a more terrible song and I'll send you a free NappyheadedBros embroidered Polo. You will not find a more awful song.


Anonymous said...

Any song by any local new haven rapper is worse

Anonymous said...

And Pun was nicer than BIG and PAC

Rock said...

I will offer up a shirt just for that ridiculous statement. It says anymous, but I know who posted, so I will dliver your shirt this week alongside with a CD of the best Hip hop songs ever. Pun will not be on that CD unless it can fit more than 25 tracks. LOL.

slim said...


jk...but gimme that shirt

Dezo said...

Girl I got you lil chuckie verse lol

Rock said...

Damn......Just because that song is more annoying I think Dezo gets a shirt. LOL. That song on the Young Money Album is like hearing nails on a chalk board.

MW said...

I think I'd get my ass kicked if I wore anything that said "Nappy Headed [Anything]" on it.

This song might be more obnoxious and trashy than a garbage truck idling outside your window at 3AM, but "Anonymous" has it right: just browse YouTube and you'll find a veritable cornucopia of rotten rap, most of them low-budj and many "local". Once you branch our your genres, you have a landfill of never-fresh eardrum-challengers.

But, yes, as a "well-produced" song——and, I really should double up those double quotation marks, much as one may double-bag his junk in preparation for a less-than-reputable point of entry——this song makes me want to cry blood from my ears.

Thank you, Showrocka, for opposing the tide of "now-only-ism" which permeates music fandom: things older than 3 months can still be awesome.

khaki said...

OMG- I HATE THAT FUCKING "SONG"!!!! Whose idea was it to put Ray J on it??

The Imperial WJA3 said...

I'm going to have to dismiss this whole post because you didn't include Tribe in your hip hop tandem list.

Rock said...

Got Damnit WJA3, you know Tribe does not count as a Tandem. Ahemm....Consequence...cough,cough.

A2K-10 Virus said...

"Nah, fuck that! I don't like people playing on my phone."-Brenda Johnson: When Keeping It Real Goes Wrong

Give me my shirt damnit!


The sad part is I used to jam to this song in middle school. Hey I thought the CD was hott. Too bad someone I know used to freestyle to the Vita, Vita, Vita track, but say his name instead.

PS- Instant Blog tomorrow that I better hear comments from you miscreants:


Sheeeeeeit (Clay Davis voice)

In finally getting an alert during black history month on my blackberry not regarding a black athelete's infidelity, DUI high scores attempts, or any other Sean Coonery antics,

The A2K-10 Virus
"No Girl Left Behind"

Anonymous said...

...some more nonsense


tripdip1 said...

stop riding pac nuts. he was a great emcee. but definitely not the best. he is in the top ten