Tuesday, February 2, 2010

WJA3 Presents...Top Five most Overrated Rappers.

At the request of The Blogface Killah & Blogness Monsta, the Lost Bro "WJA3 the BL-O.G." has returned to do what he does best...anger people with his opinions on hip hop.

This, by chance, also happens to be the perfect segway into tomorrows segmnt on Beef where I explain the origin of real life beef between famous rappers and your favorite blog Superstars. You don't want to miss that...(and yes, I will finally be posting the "Ludacris Story".)

And now, some hip hop vagasil for the drought you pu**ys have been experiencing lately.

WJA3 Presents...Top Five most Overrated Rappers.

Rappers Who Didn't Make the List

Gucci Mane - I don't think anyone takes the Gucci Mane all that seriously. I don't hear anyone talking about Gucci's lyricism or even his album that came out last month. He'll be a footnote in 2009 rap history like Plies was in 2007 rap history.

Show: Garbage.

Jim Jones - The fact he still has a rap career makes him overrated. However, it seems its finally dying so he didn't make the list.

Show: Trash.

Rakim - Have you ever heard an original Eric B. & Rakim album? Sure Rakim was the premier lyricist of his time, but his actual albums would be like 10 tracks long with 4 of those tracks being instrumentals....and these weren't phenomenal beats. Imagine Nas doing an album like that with...Red Spyda. It wouldn't go over well. I didn't include him on the list out of fear of my uncle somehow finding out and disowning me.

Show: Old Head. Pause.

Rick Ross - He's doing the most with the least right now. His lyrics are pretty basic, but I can't deny that he's gotten better since his first album, and that his flow, voice, and production make up for his shortcomings pause.

Show: Fat. Lol.

The Top 5 Most Overrated Rappers

5) Lil' Wayne

At first I didn't feel comfortable putting Weezy on a most overrated rappers list. He has earned my respect by being legitimately nice with clever and creative lyrics. Lil’ Wayne has a legitimate claim of being the best rapper alive since Jay-Z's 3rd or 4th retirement (whichever # retirement was marked by the Black Album).

Wissle Fizzle's work ethic has been unparalleled, however, I thought about it and there are probably some 90's babies out there who believe Weezy has reached GOAT status after Tha Carter III. It's not their fault because they don't know better, but that by itself forces Birdman Jr on this list.

4) Jadakiss

Show: Just cause you put on a coogi don't make you the Notorious B.I.G.

New York nigras love Jadakiss. If you asked a New York hip hop purist who makes up their top 5 lyricists, Jadakiss would probably have a spot on their list (a spot which probably would rightfully belong to Eminem). However, what has Jadakiss really done in his solo career? Sure he comes out with a good single per album. However, his albums are always in the "just aight" range.

In order to create a good Jadakiss album, you would have to put together the best tracks of all 3 of his albums….and that would just be a good album, not a classic. He probably should have just kept his ass in the Lox considering he can only make a 1/3 of a good album at a time. Still New York cats are going to keep loving Jadakiss because he raps how a New York rapper is supposed to rap. As long as Jadakiss is around, they can keep fooling themselves in believing that New York street rap is still alive.

3) Lauryn Hill

When I was still living in Queens, a small Jewish community led by some Rabbi moved into the Cambria Heights/Springfield Gardens area. Hindsight being 20/20, I believe this was an unorthodox group or a cult-like group given I've never heard of any other sect like this one anywhere else. Maybe, they are all like this and I just don't know much about Jewish customs. (Stay with me, I do have a point coming up).

Anyway, when the leader of this group died, the followers stayed by the leader's grave for like 2 weeks. I guess they were waiting for the dude to resurrect or something. That didn't happen though, and eventually the group waiting for the return of their leader got smaller and smaller until they finally moved away. I liken Lauryn Hill to that Rabbi, however, her groups of followers are still by the gravestone of her rap career, waiting for her to regain a remnant of her sanity and come back.

It's not going to happen! She's done! While she was very dope, she was not dope enough to have earned the eternal benefit of the doubt she's been given by some people. Miseducation came out in '98! It’s over!

2) 2Pac

I'm just going to use this space to list rappers who are stronger than 2Pac lyrically - Cam'ron, every member of the Wu-Tang clan including Cappadonna, Joe Budden, Royce da 5'9, Drake, Joel Ortiz, Young Chris, Phife Dawg, Busta Rhymes, Pusha T, Kanye West, Freeway, Prodigy, Havoc, Cee-Lo, Nicki Minaj, and Pastor Mase.

Show: Eat Di*k WJA3.
WJA3: Uncalled for.

Even though I love 2Pac pause, I love hating on him even more. His passion and charisma (along with the double voice machine) are the causes of his massive success, not his lyricism. I think too many rappers trying to follow this blueprint is why rap as a whole sucks today. He's great, but last I checked, he's one of, if not the top selling rapper ever. That makes him very overrated.

1) Jay-Z

Show: I wish Jesus was here right now to slap the slob outa this blasphemous, big lipped bastard.

Don't get me wrong, Jay-Z is one of the greatest rappers ever. I'd even go as far as saying Jay-Z has had the greatest rap career ever in terms of actually living to see the fruits of his success (i.e. being worth half a billion, wifing the premier R&B chick of our generation, actually having the stuff he raps about, etc.).

However, I'm not buying this increasing talk that he's the best ever. Sure, he's probably surpassed LL Cool J and Ice Cube in terms of having the longest period of rap relevancy ever. Sure, he can legitimately put out another 5 above average rap albums before he finally retires. Damn, he's even gotten so big that there’s a group of idiots out there speculating whether or not he's a part of the Illuminati.

However, I'm 28 years old, so I still have a clear memory of when this Negro, Jay-Z was just Biggie's sidekick

(Video Proof - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AEFpaoHXe3A).

Until Jay-Z puts out something better than Ready to Die, there will still be only one true king of NY and Hip-Hop. Dead.

-WJA3 the BL-O.G.


Akira said...

fantastic. write more often WJA3.

slim said...

I was expecting to see Showrocka aka ShowShow aka 'The Black Kevin Costner' on this list....

Anonymous said...

The Black Kevin Costner is probably th most underrated rapper of all time. With Classics like "Sweatpants and a thong", "Young Bin Laden" and 2 successful porn albums this man is a living legend. "Ebony and Ivy League"? No. He should have sut called that album Slice of hip Hop Heaven, because thats what it was.

C-4 said...

Look at Show Rocka commenting anonymously on his own rap career.

How can niggas forget the classic verse he had on the Punjabi MC beat, though?

"Indian Ma-mis, love me like I'm Ghan-di!
Camels on DUBS and a saddle by Arma-ni!

Rock said...

You only knew it was me because my computr's "e" and "M" keys are always stuck!!

Elliott said...

WJA3 I agree. This is well written, topical, and accurate. Pac was way overrated as is weezy. I think Pac was inflated with the beef incident and his own death. If Pac was alive and a meek guy with the same rhyming ability his career would be over.

Also Jay-Z is still a side kick as nigga to me. My memory is too good to forget jay was just "the skinny nigga on the boat".

The Imperial WJA3 said...

Show Rocka signing in anonymously to pat himself on the back outshined my blog entry. Hilarious.

Shernita said...

I was hoping to see Drake on the list...lol

khaki said...

totally agree on Lauryn Hill. At this point, it just seems pointless to keep pointing out Miseducation. Like, really, she's gone. Let it be.