Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Why I hate Teenagers: Nappyheadedpitusberry

It sounds truly fucked up to say this but I really cant stand these little grown actin, pre-pubescent and adolescent skinny jean, jerk dancing punk muther fuc*ing teenagers.

If I really want to get into the intricacies of my disdain for the younger generation I can blame it on their perversion of hiphop (I'm looking at you Soulja boy...making it OK for anyone to make a youtube video) or even talk about their lack of respect for human life. My boy Tyler was shot and killed by another teenager over Him "talking to someone's ex girlfriend. "

All that shit tho, doesn't even matter right now.

The real reason I hate these punk summmana bitches (Bernie Mack voice...R.I.P) is because of shit like this...

wait, I can't show you yet.

Do you know Today's post was supposed to be in honor of black History month and I was gonna drop a gem of knowledge on yall? Yes, I swear. But noooooooooooooo, some anonymous blog reader had to send me this link which I could not ignore and got me all side tracked. Sorry Dr. King, I'll evoke your memory tomorrow...go burn some piff or something for now. LOL.

And now, the reason I'm acting like a Curmudgeon (google it, its a real word.)

I hate Teenagers: Nappyheadedpitusberry

P.S. Whites and Blacks you're off the hook today!! We're gonna get these damn Dominicans!!

Now I know this isn't new, but I've never seen this variation of it...and quite frankly, it plays like a case study of whats wrong with the youth. If you have this much time to make a semi-professional quality video (with Teachers in it , mind you) yall little muthaskuttas should have a higher graduation rate.

Seriously...How do these niggas find time to commit crime anymore between making extensive catalogues of you tube videos, playing Madden and getting their hair washed and ends clipped. LOL. Sad part is, they still do.

Go to school niggas...even if its only for the bitches, I beg of you...just go to school. I at least want someone literate enough to read the correct meat temperature (pause) cooking my flame broiled whopper with cheese. Yum. Pause.


There are so many things wrong with this video obviously shot in Wash Heights. Let's start with the stupid song that even Tego Calderon, Zion, Lenox, Daddy Redsox and all the muthafuckas in Aventura couldn't translate. Then we've got the Pre-teen booty shaking in the tenement hallway. Transition to the "boys" with skinny jeans and fresher perms than the ladies.

I could talk about these niggas all day...but then I wouldn't get any of my Gf's big bootied mama's Santo Domingo style home cooking. That being said, I'm gonna put an actual, real live Dominirican at the helm of this keyboard to try and explain the cultural phenomenon of Dominican foolishness.

P.S. I wouldn't dare talk like that about the Trinis, DDP or anyone else who could kill me. Also, All big bootied women (of which 75% of Dominicans are) are excused. Oww Owww.

Maino: I have nothing to say, other than young black kids created the Jerk. Also, that song & dance "Chicken noodle soup with a soda on the side..." , lets just say that soda was definitely GRAPE and not PINEAPPLE. LOL.

Show: Point Taken. Let us unite and hate on teenagers indiscriminate of race, color or religious orientation.

Maino & Show (in we are the World Cadence): We are the world, we hate the children/...take off the skinny jeans, right away, let legs start breathing....there are, mothers crying, and if you care enough for your own world/ then cut the Mohawks off, and save the pony tails for girls.....oooooooh oooooh.

Just for good measure, and because I know that for some blog readers I am their only link to pop culture...The We are the World 2010 Regular and a ridonkulous Hip Hop mix by a bootleg DJ Khaled. LMAO. Just listennnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn.

Live, Love, Foolishness

-Show PJ's


Anonymous said...

that was wrong in to many way. were they shouting out B-Hop and coke and berries? spagettie im ready and a man dancing on his head while his bots patt his ass,on the toliet while ur homeboys wearing a sponge bob towel WTF is that. Those are our future SMH....IM moving back to Korea

A2K-10 Strain said...

You think that's bad? You should see the goons that do that shit and then join a fraternity freshman year.

Two Words

Sean Coonery

A2K-10 Virus
471 counts to go

Maino said...

I appreciate the shout out to Dominicans with out Independence Day coming up Saturday, 2/27. Everybody go out and buy a Presidente beer, and walk up to a gringo and just shout: Whattagatapitusberry!