Thursday, February 25, 2010

Tuck Yo Chain in!!!!!

I've got nothing.


I thought about discussing Yung Berg and the politics of being a bitch ass n*gga.

You see that 100,000 dollar or so Diamond Transformers chain? Well yeah...It used to belong to Yung Berg until he visited Detroit and amidst talking shit, got his ass whipped. After being in town for approximately an hour and disobeying managers orders to "stay in the hotel", Berg went into a Detroit club where he was beat down and robbed by people from Rapper Trick Trick's entourage. Yep, he got his chain snatched (and it wasn't even in brooklyn.)

This is strike 2. Strike #1 was when Maino Slapped the shit out of him for talking disrespectful, then said "I'll let you keep your chain."

Anyways, to get your chain snatched and then have Soulja Boy buy it from the goons who robbed you? Straight disrespectful. This is like a case study on bitch ass ni*ganess. LOL.

Here's the Goon who robbed him. (Above)

And here are the Goons who robbed / shot Gucci Mane's boy Wacka Flacka Flame. LOL. He deserved to get robbed for having that dumb ass name.

BTW, whats up with this new phenomenon of committing robberies and posting the confessions on you tube? I kinda like has an apparent grittiness and gangstaness about it. It's damn stupid mind you, but its entertaining.

Rocafella Rapper true life, currently in jail for murder after he left a knife stuck in someone's face, however, takes the cake ! This ninja robbed Jim Jones and then did In-store promos for his mixtape letting Fans take pictures wearing Jim Jones Jewelry!!

Where they do that at!!!??

Just something to think about...Tuck your chains in people!!!!

Also, this just unidentified man pistol whipped and robbed earlier this week at a party in Hollywood was identified as none other than Yung Berg (SMH) who apparently lost about 20,000 in jewels and cash. True Story.

Come on Son!!!!!!!!!!!

Live, Love, Goons.



MW said...

Of all the atrocities here, wasn't Strike #0 when Yung Berg bought this "100,000 dollar or so diamond Transformers chain"? And as for Strike #-1, when someone actually thought this was a viable piece of jewelry to craft?

Maybe I'm showing my Caucasianity here, but am I missing something? That is the lamest piece of hyper-expensive bodywear I have seen in a while.

He might as well have just had a soon-to-be-removed-prior-to-prison grill that spells out "G.I. JOE: Knowing is half the battle!" when he smiles installed. Or maybe, if he had been more adventurous, a platinum Dora the Explorer logo surgically implanted into his solar plexus.

Congratulations, to whomever now owns this future artifact of a civilization that ate itself alive: you are shilling for Hasbro Toys without drawing a paycheck, and you look like a chode.

The Imperial WJA3 said...

Big chains aren't out of style yet? You have to feel though that these guys deserve to get robbed walking around with gaudy chains in a confirmed recession.

Rock said...

I forgot to mention the incident where Tyga got his chains robbed at Gunpoint by G-Unit's 40 Glocc and Weezy & Co. had to pay to get it back. Maybe I'll post that video tomorrow for good measure.

"In Africa only the kings, rocked gold, they rocked it till the perished/ If we don't cherish that, what the fuck we gon cherish" --Pappose Pap-Poose