Monday, February 15, 2010

Presidents day tattoo

Hmmmm. What to blog about, what to blog about.... It's president's day, and since our prez is as black as a giraffe's tongue, I thought of taking the day off. I'll let y'all catch up on old blogs and hit you when I finish getting my situation on in the gym.

Check it out, all that space on my upper back is being prepped for a new tat. Why should you give a fuck, or why is it relevant? Because I'm getting a tattoo of mount rushmore!!! True story.

The interesting thing is, I could give a shit about old presidents (other than Lincoln who freed us, and Thomas Jefferson who banged more black chicks than me ), so I'm replacing the heads (pause) with my own, K-man, Boozay & Slim jones. I think it's awesome. My mom thinks it's gay.


Also, ignore the puginess in the pic as I've been exercising like crazy... I lost 10lbs in the last 2 weeks. I'm smokin your six pack attempt C4!!!!! Pause.

Also, happy late valentines day! Fu*k you Wja3 for the accusation of boo lovin'!!! I'm a G!!!! I turned 3 dollars into a gourmet meal via the ghetto! Lol.

Ugggggh (master p voice) bitches!!!!!

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1 comment:

khaki said...

great back-

Co-sign with your mom...

now, im hungry thanks to your back and the 3.00 meal.

*logs off*