Friday, February 5, 2010

Have a Baby by Me? No seriously....

Showrocka Status Update: "Getting Married" is the new "Having a baby". I guess thats good...except half of yall have babies too. Lol. Yesterday at 10:08am ·

Molo for Dolo likes this.

Stephy Boom Boom: lol...smh
Yesterday at 10:09am ·

Jenny Woww: What's wrong with having babies? Lol
Yesterday at 10:39am ·

Tash: ummmm. lol
Yesterday at 10:43am ·

Cuba: hahaha so true man
Yesterday at 10:51am ·

Showrocka: Nothing wrong with having babies. Who want's to have my first? I'm lookin at yall two Jenny and Tash. I can be like Weezy, and yall can be Lauren London and Nivea. It'll be like I'm havin twins!!!
Yesterday at 10:54am ·

Lauren is on the Right, Nivea is on the left. Both having babies by Wayne in the same month. SMH. Wrap it up Birdman Jr.

Natty Ice: Your efin stupid! I'm votn for Maino. Yesterday at 10:56am ·

Jenny Woww: Showrock you so fucking stuupid! Lol!! I ain't having no more!! Lol
Yesterday at 11:03am ·

Showrocka: Come on jenny, just one more......for me? You owe me one . I knew we shoulda just had one in 6th grade. LMAO. !!
Yesterday at 11:09am ·

Jenny Woww: Lmfao!!
Yesterday at 11:11am ·

Tash: u are a sick dude!!!! lol 1 is enough 4 me!!! no can do homie!!! lol
Yesterday at 11:13am ·

Showrock: Damn, 2 denials in one day? I guess I'm just meant to be without child.
Yesterday at 11:20am ·

Maino: To Showrock's friend who suggested me, nahhh i'm good. hahaha.

That's just in case yall missed yesterday's Facebook nonsense.

Funny thing is, I don't really think it's nonsense at all, and here's why. (insert glaring eyes of every female with a boyfriend who is thinking "this nigga done lost his mine, my man better not be reading this shit and try some old funky nonsense like this." )

Getting married is becoming the new "It" thing to do. I swear its like niggas get older and decide, "well, I'm 25 and she has a job, time to tie the knot." True story. It's to the point where niggas you know are getting married and you don't even know it until after they've gone to the justice of the peace, decided they were too poor for wedding rings and skipped the honeymoon cause, well...they couldn't find a baby sitter. LMAO.

This, however, is another topic for another day...let's get to the havin babies shit, cause lord knows I need a baby mama (lol. as much as I need a Uterus or kidney stone.)

OK's the proposition. Have a baby by me.

Heres why:

Let us entertain the idea, for a minute, that the end justifies the means. Agreed? Agreed. Now think of how many chicks you know with babies? How many of them actually are dating or married to the baby's (or, more specifically, the first baby's) father? Exactly. Probably about 5% tops.

What does this mean, might you ask? It means there are plenty of people dating that have children by other people. Now...why should it mater when those children were conceived, if the end result is still "people with kids dating someone different than the baby's mother?"White people do it all the time. It's called surrogate parenting.

Where are you going with this other than on a path towards getting dumped.

Lets say, Miss Maino, you were in Medical School and would not be completely finished, a secure job in hand, until you were 30. By the time my mom was 30 I was 14!! Being a young parent could be fun, if actually planned out. Why not save yourself the trouble and still get to nurture your motherly instincts within a controlled setting.

: You are bat's nuts crazy, but I see where you're going with this.

Fellas, lets say you love a woman who has a bangin body...why fu*k it up with pregnancy? What if her na-na has the perfect fit? Why stretch it out of proportion?

You wouldn't take your car on a cross country tour when you could have a rental, now would you? LOL.

Also, you can avoid other problems like "your child having fucked up hair", "ugly features" and the hassle of dealing with a live in, pickle and mayonnaise craving pregnant crazy lady.

what if the tables were turned? What If I got purposely knocked up by another dude?

Show: For a Child Support check every doesn't seem like the worst idea I've ever heard. LOL.


And there you have it. Some of you will some agree, some will disagree, but in the end, someone will want to have a baby by me. LOL.

Must have decent to good hair, Spanish fluency and be drug free. A fatty Bangin is highly preferred.

ain't shit. LOL.

Live, Love, Trouble!!!


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