Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Blacks, Just Wanna Have Fu-un.....

So according to New York Magazine, some nigga named Questlove (cough, cough, he wears a wig! ahem, cough cough) snapped a photo of the NBC lunch menu and put it on Twitter, saying that shit was racist.
Looks delicious to me...

The preceding menu prompted a very spirited debate between the Blog Monsta and myself, your friendly neighborhood Blog Killah. It went a little something like this:

C4: I will argue that that shit is NOT racist, cuz WE black ppl are ALWAYS biggin up fried chicken and collard greens. The fuck they supposed to have on the black history menu? VEGETABLES? FRUIT?! We aint known for those.

Show: they shouldn't have put "in honor of black history,"just serve it.

C4: Nah fuck that! Black ppl can't have it both ways.

Show: Sure we can. That's what happens when your people get enslaved and get no reprieve. just cause we're free we're supposed to act like white people don't have this giant head start.

C4: That's not what i'm saying. I'm saying that this aint where the fight is. Cry racism on more important things.

Show: Yea, but its stupid of them to put that. It's like they never learn whats acceptable because they believe racism no longer exists.

C4: But then when they put out a different menu some fat diabetes-suffering coon is gonna go "Where all the fried chicken and collard greens? This is RACIST!"
SHUT UP FAT ASS! Enjoy the fried chicken at NBC in the mean time and be happy affirmative action got u a job, lol.

Show: LMAO. Nah, that's a slippery slope. Once they get comfortable, its a wrap.
Google searched "soul food." Questions?

C4: Aight put it like this. If they wrote: "soul food menu in honor of black history month," what's the difference? Cuz what do soul food i.e. black ppl restaurants serve?
That entire menu minus the beverages
Substitute sweet tea and half n half for soda n water and u have nigga menu heaven.

Show: There's no need for an honorary menu....that's all. We don't eat Korean people on Veterans day. Now do we?

C4: Maybe YOU don't eat Korean people. But on veteran's day I chow down on Korean pussy!
j/k, I wish.

Show: LOL

C4: This is all going in tomorrow's blog

Show: Nice.....

And there is your written evidence that on some occasion, Show comes off as far less reckless than I.

But for real, y'all. Can black folks just decide now to stop calling racism on frivolous shit like the NBC lunch menu? Cuz dammit, I bet that food was delicious!!! And now some NBC employees can't enjoy it's love and hypertension, all because Questlove wanna be righteous. We NHB's know what he's about and what he's into (and their called wigs!).
Show: Wigger!!!!

Overall, however, I just wish these kinds of things could be avoided. I wish whites and blacks could just understand each other better. I wish there was some type of program that made it so that these misunderstandings could be avoided in the future. Thank God for Russian Chuck, who found such a program. Enjoy.....

Now go vote for that shit on Funny Or Die, Nappy Friends.

To be continued.....

C4 2 Ya Door with a bucket of chicken
Live, Love, Cornbread, Sweet Tea, Show Rock


Arnett said...

Man that negro Rosetta Stone video gets a coontastic rating by itself....but back on subject they should only call the menu racist if watermelon flavored ice cream and grape soda was served with every combo meal.

MW said...

Didn't a school do the very same thing for MLKJ Day?

One would think NBC, a NEWS organization, would have learned the lesson, probably having reported said story on at least one of its affiliates. I mean, if FOX had done it, I'd understand. Cracker-ass bitches.

This "news" item is both finger-lickin' funny and worthy of the soulfullest, fat-assiest BBW's "mmm mmm mmm".