Friday, January 22, 2010

Return of WJA3 the Lost Bro: Top 10 Albums of 2009

Show: Who chooses the word "Imperial" for a nickname? Thats that educated shit.

C4: Says the man with 1,000 nicknames, half of which don't make sense. "The Black Kevin Costner?" He's not even a cool white guy. What does that even mean?

Show: I dance with Wolves.

C4: Anyways.....

NappyHeadedBros are proud to present y'all with the return of the Lost Bro, WJA3, hitting y'all with a special guest post doing what he does best: rank things. Blogness and Blogface will pepper in some side comments, but WJA3 is in the driver's seat on this post. Holla at 'em son!

SIDEBAR - Slept On Albums of '08-'09

+Kidz in the Hall - Professional Leisure Tour EP (link!)
+Janelle Monae - Metropolis: The Chase
+Jake One - White Van Music
+Santogold - Santogold

+Lykki Li - Youth Novels
+J Dilla Jay Stay Paid

Show: Gay. C4 must've added those. Right Wja3? What up Naledge and Double O. LOL.
C4: Fuck you, Rocka.

Without further delay, WJA3's Top 10 Albums of 2009.

10) Clipse - Til the Casket Drops

When the Clipse first came out, I thought they would end up being one of the greatest rap groups of all time...sort of like a new millennium EPMD. It's unfortunately not looking like it'll end up that way. Still, they are far from wack. However, when they are rapping about anything other than the drug trade (which they rarely do, if at all this album), it comes off kind of creampuff. Neptunes production to the rescue!

Standout Tracks -

Kinda Like a Big Deal

I'm Good

Show: Eh, This should've been a little higher on the list WJa3. I guess there was a lot of filler, but when the tracks were good they were great! Wait, WTF...did this nigga put Birdman higher?? Explaaaain, you Maino looking mutha fu**a.

9) Birdman - Pricele$$ (Show: aka Mr. Stupid Star Tattoo on my Head.)

Don't worry folks. I still think Baby sucks PAUSE. However, he wisely has guest appearances on 9 of 13 songs. 7 of those 9 songs has Lil Wayne. Birdman is a smart business man, but despite being a "rapper" for over 10 years, still can't put together a better verse than a white girl from Kansas.

Standout Tracks -

Money to Blow

Mo Milly

Show: Now you know I love Birdman, but this isnt even his best album. SMH. The Drake and Weezy songs are dope. Drake's still gay and weez's still a wierdo. Love my CMB Brothers tho. thought I was gonna comment on the music? Nah...just on WJA3's decisions and whether or not I like the Artists. LOL.

C4: Dick.

8) Eminem - Relapse
In terms of rapping, Eminem is still easily top 5, maybe top 3. However, Relapse was fairly forgettable despite it being a good album. The best thing to happen to Eminem this year was the Forever song where he dismantled Drake, Kanye, & Wayne. If I'm Eminem's adviser, I tell him to do a whole album of collabos where he embarrasses his songmates to remind the world how good he is.

Standout Tracks -

Same Song & Dance

Medicine Ball

Show: Hated it!!! (Gay ni**a from Men on Film Voice). Em is whack...

I cant co-sign him after that Mariah diss. Nick Cannon is whacker tho for not bustin his ass.

C4: PAUSE!!!! Em's lyrics and flow on this album may be his best ever. I like how he stayed in the Slim Shady psycho character for the majority of the LP. Arrangement could've been better, and he could have left a couple joint off in favor of the track titled "I'm Having A Relapse" that didn't make the album.

7) 50 Cent - Forever King
Once again, 50 Cent has went through another year putting out better material on mixtapes than he did on actual albums. At least on the official album, he tried doing mixtape like material. Still didn't work out for him.

Standout Tracks -

If You Leaving, Then Leave

I'm Paranoid

Suicide Watch

Show: Eh, better than his actual album, but Gucci Mane should go here. I know I am a Hip Hop Pseudo purist, but Gucci's album is as good of an album as he could possibly make. That's how we judge albums right? Is this the best album fif could make? Hell Naw. Nexxxxxxt.

C4: PAUSE!!!!

Show: Is that a slice of pizza tattooed on his chest? Pause again.

6) Trey Songz - Ready

WJA3 Says: You got to respect Trey Songz. He takes the ignorant stuff n-words say when they feeling themselves and made songs out of it. You going think that I invited sex....I bet the neighbors know my name....He's hilarious. He's from Petersburg, Virginia too pushing me to the 2nd most famous person to have some connection to that town.

C4: Big-ups to the versatility on this album. Some surprisingly good style shifts, especially on Black Roses and Yo' Side of the Bed.

Standout Tracks -
Show: I wrote the next two songs under my Ghostwriting name.

5) Rick Ross - Deeper than Rap

Throughout the year, 50 KILLED Rick Ross, just killed him. He confirmed that Rick Ross was a corrections officer and then make a set of legitimately funny cartoons about it. He put a homemade porno of Rick Ross' baby mother on the internet while making legitimately funny commentary over it. & He took Rick Ross' other baby mother shopping and RICK'S SON to Floyd Mayweather's house. End of the day, none of it mattered because Rick Ross came out with a good album. We laugh at Rick Ross for being a cornball & then we dance to his music.

Standout Tracks -

Usual Suspects

Mafia Music

Yacht Club

Show: Top 3 nigga, top 3!!!! Along with Gorilla Zoe's slept on "Don't Feed the Animals" and Raekwon. No room for Debate. Drops Mic. (Picks Mic up). Wait. Mos Def's album was dope too.

4) Mos Def - The Ecstatic

Raise your hands if you knew Mos Def came out with an album this year. It just seems like Mos is making music for himself lately as he just puts out albums with no type of marketing. I guess he assumes word of mouth will handle his marketing. Well, let me do my part then, this is a dope album.

C4: For my money, best album of the year. Most musically forward and instrumentally provocative album in the bunch, some of Mos's best work ever on a few joints. Great replay value on this one. My standouts are "Priority," "Auditorium," and "Worker's Comp." Check WJA3's picks below.

Show: Have fun at the Mos-Def Muslim Picnic you plan on attending you Mos Def Meat Hopper.

C4: Man dat was some buuuuuuuullshit! I cop tix for Mos Def at the Apollo, a week later they say it's some Imam Cafe garbage with mad random ass Muslims, and Mos is making a "special appearance." I'm saltier than Show was when that fat bitch called him a broke version of this ugly Jamaican we went to college with.

Show: Fuck you. I forgot about that. She probably was just mad I wouldn't hit it cause she was fat...(Not fat AND Puertorican.)

3) Ryan Leslie

Ryan Leslie can't really sing. He just makes good songs and is a good producer. But he can't sing a lick. What's really funny is that his best song has Cassie on it, another person who can't sing a lick. Technology as come to the point where 2 people with modest at best singing ability can make hot songs....yet we still don't have time machines or flying cars.

Standout Tracks -



Out of the Blue

Wanna Be Good

Show: He looks like my Nigga Tommy Gunz. Anyway, What a Wasted Pick!!!!!!! This is where Wale or Royce Da Five 9' is supposed to go. Attention Deficit and Streethop. Real Hip Hop fans stand up!!!!!

C4: Wale is wack as f***, I'm sorry. And I have a pro-African bias, so that's saying a lot. Ryan Leslie's "Gibberish" = panty-dropper.

Show: Nothing compard to R-Kellys "Girl I wanna Get you pregnant"...but that starts a host of other problems. We need a remix. "Girl you make me wanna get you pregnant, then give you 250 for the..."

C4: Stop. Now.

2) Jay-Z - Blueprint 3

Jay-Z has had the greatest rap career ever. He's hasn't fallen off to where you can say he's wack or even average (if you're being honest). He hasn't been killed so he's been able to enjoy the fruits of his success. Unlike the original "I've made it" album, Kingdom Come, Jay-Z is able to celebrate his success in Blueprint 3 without alienating his hardcore fans. He was able to do this without selling any crack on any of the tracks too.

Standout Tracks -

Death of Autotune

On to the Next One

What we Talkin' About

Venus vs Mars

Thank You

Show: Jay Z is too old, though I can't front on the album. For the record, he did not make the Yankee hat more famous than the yankees.

C4: Does this mean 40 is the new 30? Brett Favre thinks so.

Show: Where is "Pants on the ground" on this list??

1) Raekwon (the Chef) - Only Built for Cuban Linx...Pt II

Wiley is insane in the membrane....insane in the brain for not at all including this album in his top 10 of the year, especially when I don't see how any hip hop fan can not have it as #1. Unlike Method Man & Redman's album, which was purely an attempt to recreate the 90's-early 00's, this album moreso showcased Rae & company's maturity, while keeping the early Wu-Tang flavor. If there's any complaint about this album, its that you can tell it was made over a long period of time as there's some tracks you can tell were made while Raekwon was with Aftermath & some tracks made with the Wu-family. This prevents the album from being cohesive. It's forgivable considering tracks from both periods are hot.

Standout Tracks -

10 Bricks

Fat Lady Sings

Ason Jones


New Wu

Broken Safety

C4: Tell a friend, it's that symbol again!

Show: YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Viva la Wu-Tang and real Hiphop. I shouldn't even co-sign it though due to him starting shit with mouse-budden and Slaughterhouse, but this shit is hot Dylon, ghonerrea fire!

3 Simultaneous Mic's Drop.

--The Bros...all 3 of us.


Akira said...

i feel gypped. the extra commentary was nice, but come ON! i read this on fb weeks ago!

Rock said...

Aight Akira....Just for you, everyone will get a saturday blog. Topic Suggestions? Otherwise I'll freestyle it.

Akira said...

I am impressed by your commitment to stellar customer service around here! How can I feel gypped, its a free website!

go with the topics you promised if you got more followers. I dont remember, but apparently, these topics are quite popular with the people.

C-4 said...

Akira, I feel you, but not everyone who reads the blog is friends with Will on fb. But because we appreciate you, the reader, your complaint has inspired a special Saturday post, just for you!

A2K-10 Virus said...

Will is damn near 30.

Anyhow, I digressed.

Where was I-R-I-N-A on the R. Les top songs? Calm me corny if yall want but I was jammin to that song at the weight room all summer, along wit J-Lo- Feelin So Good (classic), and Q-Tip's Reservations Album (We Fight We Love and Life Is Better = hotness).

Imagine a blacked out fool singing I-R-I-N-A to random sorority girls at the bar who's names he didn't know. That was me.

Also the Addiction Remix with Faboloso was redic. Loso killed it! If you didn't catch his verse, here it is in its entirety:

ay lemme find out i got you amy wined out
i get em hit like i threw a fishing line out
my white girl keep me federlined out
im to G so i stay gucci signed out (gucci)
and i get so much attention
they sit and talk about me like intervention
they say that white phantom look so cocaine
i hop out the suicides lookin' so kobaine
and i just call you love when they know your name
they like loso we already know so damn
they come back one more grams
right back like lindsey out the program

A2K-10 Virus
Peacoat Killa..Killa..Killa

The Imperial WJA3 said...

I don't recognize A2K-10 from the nickname but the damn near 30 comment was just hurtful. I now have to find another chick fresh out of college to make me feel young again.

In terms of honorable mentions, those were definitely Carl's picks even though I do cosign the Kidz in the Hall EP. However, I actually think Naledge's solo joint, Chicago Picasso is better.

Rock said...

The New Naledge is aiiiight, but the "Bang,Bang Skeet" (pause) Naledge was Dope!!! What happened to his boy Itchy Ballz? What a rap name. LOL.

Anonymous said...

Keep posting stuff like this i really like it

Amir said...


I've been dying for you all to post some stuff re: reviews of Hip Hop albums.

I'm mad my boy, Cudi doesn't get a shout though. Man on the Moon was FIIYAAHHH!!!

In my zone,