Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Lady and the Trampstamp

Family feud Host: And the question is, what is gay on a man but not on a girl?

C4 & Showbama hit buzzers simultaneously.

Show: Tongue Rings!

C4: Cum!
Family feud host: And the survey says......

Family Feud Host: You have the number 2 and 3 answers. Showbama, since you have the # 2, the Rocka family will go next. For the game...What is gay on a man but not on a girl.....

Mama Rocka: A Tramp Stamp!!!

Insert party music, cause it's time to party bitc*es.

That's right, the bros are back to party like it's 2010 and we're famous enough to get into celebrity rehab. Todays topic? Yep. You've guessed it. The infamous TRAMPSTAMP!!! (Insert ominous music.

SS-No H presents...Lady and the Trampstamp: Trampstamps defined.

For those of you unfamiliar with the term "trampstamp", it refers to those painstakingly drawn tattoos placed in such an unfortunate place that it makes it look...well....slutty. See below.

The funny thing about it, other than the fact that many girls who read this blog have them and are going to kill me, is that the fact that slutty is not always bad. Let me explain.

Sure a trampstamp portrays a certain sense of sluttiness, but in all actuality, many girls want to be treated like sluts...that is, when with their significant other in the confines of their own home. If no one sees it when you go tho the club, congratulations. You are an acceptable trampstamp candidate.

The Conservative Trampstamp

If your trampstamp cannot be seen, you are a lady in the streets and a freak in the bed. I officially want you.

The informational trampstamp

These are essentially doggystyle directions. If a girl feels the need to prep you before going in (like they do astronauts before space), consider yourself in for a long night. These girls like sex, and are very, very experienced. Could be a good thing, but bring your A game playa.

Examples include: "Hit it like a champ", "Insert money here," "Bone it like an Archaeologist." The last of which is intelligently witty and damn funny. Like, it would've been funny on a T-shirt. LOL. Not your butt.

The pic above, however, is not OK. It is a biblical verse. Just in case you want to bone up (pun intended) on your Sunday school sh*t. LMAO.

The Names: Don't yall hoes think yall were off the hook. JK.Love ya.

Your name.

What it means: 1.) either you are a conceited girl who probably got it at a young age, 2.) you sleep with guys very quickly and want them to at least have the courtesy to use YOUR name during sex, or 3.) you want to be acknowledged and footnoted in all pictures taken from behind.

Feel free to pick whichever definition makes you feel best about yourself. We still love yall.

His name.

What it means: 1.) you are gay, 2.) you are clingy and will get if covered up for the next dudes name, or 3.) you made a bad mistake.

I know someone who had their BF's name spelled wrong on their trampstamp. LOL. Whoa.

Funny things to do with trampstamps:

Guys: find a girl with an ex bf who's name is the same as someone you hate. Skeet on hers and take a pic. Text message him with it.

Girls: Make a guy whos hitting it scream out the other guys name just to be an asshole and show him who has the Power!!!! LMAO.

I love yall. I'm off to work. Bitches.

Live, Love, Tramp Stamps....Send me Pics :)

C-Show to Ya Do-mo no Homo.

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