Thursday, January 14, 2010

Eart-Quake en Aye-Ti...Gucci Mane & Sheyla

Yea- yea-yea...yeah-yeah-yeah, I'm so hard. Snooki's got me so hard..yea-yea-yea (Rihanna voice...her singing voice, not her regular voice where she sounds like a mentally retarded kid in an ESL class.)

Is this thing on?

Ahem. First off I wanna say I hope you enjoy the new layout courtesy of the Blogface killa, and secondly I wanna say "read the tagline bit*h. Thats what we promise, thats what you get. Intellectual, unabashed ignorance.

This being said, if there are two things the Bros love, they are Voluptuous Vixen sized D-cups and indubitable gangsta shit. I have no titties for you today (sike), but I do have a request and plea for all things gangsta.

Have you ever been to Miami? If so you know that Haitians are some of the most gangsta nig*as on this side of the planet, most likely a result of coming from the southern hemisphere's poorest region.

For those of you who rarely watch the news, like myself, and who probably only caught wind of this on Facebook, Hati has been affected by a huge disasterous earthquake.

As many as half a Christina (mill-ion) have been estimated as dead with 1/3 of the population needing medical attention. Well-Damn!!!! (Gucci Voice).

I know its a recession and all, but know matter how poor we think we are, we've never had to eat dirt cookies (true story, google "dirt cookies in Haiti").

Normally I don't support "rich white people with too much time on their hands'" "causes of the week", but this is serious...not no Madonna bringing Africans to the Kabala shit. I figure if we don't help our dreadlocked brethren, who the fu*k will. For this reason, I'm re-posting an email sent to me by my boy "Thee Man" (pronounced "The-Man.") Do like the Luniz (put five on it), give a dream (shawty that's a tennnnn) or hell, drop a curtis jackson on that ass (that mans give 50, not snitch.) LMAO.

I will now feel better about myself while watching the 2 hour Jersey Shore tonight and sipping Ice cold Merlot. Yea I said it!! I drink Wine with Ice.

-Blog Nessy

Dear Friends & Family,

By now all, if not most of you, are aware of the unimaginable destruction that was inflicted on Haiti yesterday. Despite being located just a couple hundred miles from our southern shore, Haiti is by far the most impoverished nation in the western hemisphere.

Prior to the earthquake the Haiti was in dire shape, now its Capitol and main urban center has been almost completely devastated. As a result the people of Haiti are now more than ever in need of our help. I am calling on all of you to do your part, don't sit this one out, at the very least take some of your time today and donate some money to one of the links bellow.

If you have the time call your elected official (Senator/Congressman) and voice your support for sending money, food, men, women supplies, whatever the country needs.

How to help Haiti:

TEXT "YELE" to 501501 to donate $5
TEXT "HAITI" to 90999 to donate $10

Both campaigns are legit, having been set up by the United States Department of State and verified on CNN. All carriers are participating.


Rock said...

Oh so what? Just because I'm spreading so positive energy (no HIV) nobody's gonna talk shit? We brought back the word coon, cussed out single mothers and re-named a stripper "Anne Frank", and this redeems us?? I hope God is as forgiving at the skeet colored (Pearly) gates.

I'm just fu*king with yall.

Sak Pase??? N'ap Boule. Just Like Wale.

And yes, I know Wale isn't Haitian.

Carl said...

Way to bring light to the issue fam, but Snooki tho? You wildin. She's gross.