Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Diary of Anne Frank the Stripper

Rough English Translation:

"Shhhh. They come now and find us. Be quiet and we remain safe. Footsteps. They Come, they come. We have been betrayed by those who once protected our family. Hold me father, I am scared."

Rain poured down onto window panes like thunderous gunshots, having nearly the same deafening and terror inducing effect. Nestled next to the church, this annex, a virtual safehaven for women such as Anne, had served as the perfect hiding place...until this specific moment.

Being discovered could mean worse than the loss of freedom and possible condemnation to one of those could mean the difference between life and death. Though the account may seem fictional or all too generic, it stills remains all too real for the survivors who get chills and have shell-shocking flash backs upon Reading this account....this diary left behind by a little girl.

Still displaying the burns and scars of their past and present lives, these heroines have become lost in the world of heroin rather than heralded and place upon the iconic pedestals perched amongst museums and preserved historical sites. There is no memorial for this Anne.

The Diary of Ann Frank the Stripper

(Undisclosed Location): Pennsylvania

Monday 6/12/2008

"I haven't seen daylight in a week. It's OK though, they bring me food to my room and I could leave if I really wanted to. Well, I guess I should say I'm allowed to leave. I don't have a car though or any family so I guess there's no point in me leaving. It's OK, my boss...I mean Boyfriend takes good care of me. Better care than anyone has. Who else could love a drug addict like myself?

When I came here I had nothing. Now I have a room over my head, plenty of food and when I need a fix, he always takes care of me. I don't really need it as often now, but every once in a while we will do it together...then I have to keep taking it so I don't get sick. He'd kick my ass if he read this, but it makes the sex better, he's kinda obese but wants me to be skinny and attractive. Who can blame him? Everyone wants a hot girlfriend. It's cool, I still eat whatever I want...I've found a little trick to make myself gag and rid myself of the calories. The things we do for love.

Wednesday 6/20/08

Sorry I missed you yesterday diary. Daddy was mad at me and wouldn't let me kiss that magical spoon. I was throwing up all day, then had to dance. I knew they could smell it on my breath because even my regulars wouldn't let me kiss them. There's something funny going on with my teeth too, which don't surprise me. I haven't seen a dentist since I was a little girl. Bad Memories there. Dentist was a friend of my father and he did the same things to me. sometimes at the same time. That's why I left home.

You think my life is tough, huh diary? you have no idea how good I've got it. Dancing sucks tho. Guys are cheap. Lapdances are good...lapdances with extra are better. I bring daddy home tons of money and keep him happy. He buys me things. I feel like a kid on Christmas. He even lets me drink even though my birthday isn't until next month. I will get an ID then...he says he will take me outside the club. I'm excited.

Thursday 6/21

Sick Again, but daddy's back so I have to pretend I'm better and have sex. He is drunk. I have to go.

Friday 6/22/09

There is no hot water and we have been heating bowls full in the microwave to take baths. I've taken one all week. I think I am getting a rash, time to get checked at the clinic. Arrggh. That means I have to go out into that awful sunlight again. Fuck.

The rain continues pouring down onto the desolate club nestled amongst the crevices of nowhere's-ville as if God had simply forgotten about it. It may seem a pitiful existence but where else can persecuted souls sequester themselves and avoid the scowling eyes of the everyday world and its condescending, pontificating inhabitants. People judge, people scold. They call them hookers sluts and atheist whores. Now, they feel sorry for them...but in actuality they shouldn't. They were the ones who drove these girls to this place...they are the ones whose boyfriends and husbands are driven to this place out of the sheer mystique created by the "judges." Sure there's more to be read in this diary, but are you really ready to read it?

You haven' heard the half of it, and I will post it, if that's what it takes to stop the Gestapo and save innocent girls lives.

Live, Love, all Lives

--Man Frank w/ exerpts from "Anne" the Stripper


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I was a little offended at fist and unsure with where you were going...but I'm interested in reading more of that

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