Wednesday, December 9, 2009

White People make you Gay.

What's up fools??? (West coast vato voice).

Just because we at Nappyheadedbros truly care about our viewership I'm gonna give you a quick update on the weather conditions you've obviously already encountered before making it to your faithful computer.

It's Susan Boyle weather outside...Ugly.

Also, it is whiter than Tigr Woods' mistresses and slippery than a child molester's fingers. Proceed with caution. Now, on with the blog my ninjas!!!!

Yesterday's post was not a thinly (or not so thinly)veiled excuse to take my shirt off. As you can see I've gained about 10 lbs and at this point am not sure if I want to stay on the path to degenerate beer fatness or drop the 10 lbs. Either way I bet I can do it before C4 gets a six pack. hahaha. JK. "What's the point of you telling us this?" they chant. Well the point is this...Here are more shirtless, ambiguously gay pics...but with a purpose.

Showrocka presents...White people make you gay???

I had a friend say to m the other day, "you talk completely different on the phone to your white friends than you do to your black friends." I said yea, my white Friends speak English. JK. I did not say that, but rather replied with a nonchalant "yea, its unintentional."

Then this chica went balls to the wall and said "you guys act gayer around your white beyond not saying no homo. Like actually looking and acting like straight guys pretending to be gay."

Skerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrt. (Jamie Foxx Voice.) Excuse me??? What did you just say???

"You obviously don't know about this Bromance shit homo? Lol."

Sure, I could've said that, but I didn't, because she was right...partially. I think Frats make you act gay and white frats are a Little more gay than black frats. Think about it.

Kappas twirl "candy" canes and don't say no homo.

Sigmas hop around in smurf colored hoodies and white pants, dancing like a drill team of group of majorettes.

Que Dawgs are always sticking their tongues out (no Show-Sho) around dudes and humping things.

Alphas....well...they're always reading books and wearing glasses. Thats pretty gay. No offense.

C4: And white frats....well.....white frats get caught in situations like this. Show, You asked for it.

What? a friendly victory Hug. (Above)

Ok, I don't remember this Gay ass pic. Pause.

Show: Victory dance. That's permissible.

C4: Not a Victory Lap Dance.

Show: These pics , on the other hand, show we are awesome and NOT GAY. C-Monster and H-Whisperer!!! Faceguys for life!!!!

That is all. I've proven my point. White people don't make us gay (for Christ's sake, it was you black homo thugs who created the down low!!!) Frats, which promote Male bonding, which is inherently gay, encourage us to get in touch with our sweet side. no homo. Actually, its more like do thing s with your bros you would only do with family members because of a degree of comfort. Not to say it is a no judgement zone, but if every one's running around acting like Kanye, there's no Big Bad 50 Cent Wolf to serve as Sargent at Arms of the No Homo Police.
LOL. Fucking with yall.
Live, Love, Life!!!


MW said...

I'm sure the Riley Freemans among your readership have muttered a collective "N*gga, you gay".

Rock said...

It aint gay, it's Gangstaliscious. Pause. FG'S!!!!

Nick said...

Homies over hoes...

Rock said...

I'm definitely watching the homies over hoes episode tonight. Pause.

"A skirt...Nah Grampa. These are Gangstaliscious Shorts for thugs" (Riley Voice)