Thursday, December 17, 2009

Trannys: Why let a bananna spoil 2 perfctly good melons?

Originally Titled "T.I.L.F's : Tranny's I'd like to....umm...nevermind"

Hey Miss Moo Shu. I'd do her...and so would you...shu.

Oww Owww. Who knew such sexy women traveled in packs?! Like wolves. Just call me a bloodthirsty lobo. Owww Owwww. Otra vez.

Wait a min...she's kinda cute, but is it halloween? Actually, Ill pass on this one.

Well hello nurse, I'm feelin sick. I need a dose of your medicine. Wait...hell no, not with those diesel ass arms. Pause. Shawty got those shawn Michaels WWE arms. LOL.

Now you shawty...can undeniably get it.

C4: unbeknownest to you, this one is a pre-op, meaning she hasn't yet had it removed.

Show: She's fine.

C4: Gay.

Show: If you didn't know you'd do her.

C4: You know though...that makes it gay.

Show: what if I say I don't believe you...then it means I don't truly know. Fuck it fam, she's fine.


Show: Only gay if you touch it. LMAO. PAUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OOOOOOh. She's so fine I just might touch it. SIKE!! But I thought about it.

I'm sorry C4, but you are absolutely positively wrong. She is fine. A post op is oficially a woman, and even if you refuse to recognize that, at the very least, it/s a surgically constructed warm, wet hole. Like a talking fleshlight (aka pocket it if you have no idea what we're talking about.) As long as she doesn't have a man voice or man hands (could make a BJ wierd), she can get it. As a matter of fact, If i was hitting it from behind and THEN found out she was a pre, I might just ask her to move it out of the way. I aint touchin it tho. That's wild homo.

C4: Naaaaaah, playa. You talking about f***ing a dude in the butt, telling him to move his junk out the way. THAT, sir, is WIIIIILD homo.

And here comes the life lesson. The problem is, most of you hear the word transgender and automatically think of a man-chick like this.

I wouldn't touch that with a ten foot pole!!! Now, ugly bitches like these give trannys a bad name. If you know you don't look like a woman I dont give a damn how you feel inside, you shouldn't be a woman!! I may feel like Usher in my mind, but that doesn't make me an R & B singer. That being said, transgender is not a fetish or something someone just decides to be. A true transgender hottie arises from the chemical and hormonal imbalance that leaves one poor soul trapped in the body of a gender they feel no attachment to. I'm just kidding, I don't care about that shit. It's still gay as f**k.

My own primative, carnal male desires, however will lead me to STILL make the affirmation that If she's fine enough to make it to T.I.L.F Territory...I'd hit that. Unlike you all, I'd talk about it too...being the posterboy for keeping it 100.

I guess that does sound a little bit gay, but think of it this way. If two apples in a bunch are good and one is bad, does it necesarily make it a bad batch of apples? Exactly. So why let one bad banana (which has since been removed) ruin a perfectly good fruit salad complete with two voluptious melons!!??


Live, Love, Pushing limits


Eeeeewwwwww. Nigga you gay.


MW said...

One of my friends has planned to fuck a pre-op FTM transsexual (i.e. a "guy with hair pie" as opposed to a "chick with a dick"). Oddly enough, I believe in either circumstance, the pussy (real or constructed) could be classified as "mangina".

So, to build on yesterday's post: Show is lusting after curvaceous post- or pre-op trannie plumpers, preferably of Latin extraction? I learn so much. Too much.

Finally, how accurate are these C4/Show transcripts? I have a feeling that they are biased in the latter's favor.

Rock said...

I can show you the actual transcripts and texts, which are acually even funnier....I just like to cut fluff. And once it's snipped (post) a tranny is no longer a chick with a di*k. I should quit while im ahead (no homo for saying a-head.)

Carl said...

No homo for "a-head," but not for the tranny post? Weirdo.

Elliott said...

Yeah this whole post was wild homo. I fuck with a lot of the things that are said in this blog, but having sex with once or future men is just too much.

I don't think there are a specific number of times you can use "no homo" in a post to absolve you of this one.

Rock said...

LMAO @ Elliot.