Monday, December 28, 2009

Most Memorable Rap Lines...Ever. (Pt. 1)

"I'll throw a TV at you crazy, b*tches say P, you crazy..." -Bandanna P (Prodigy)

Yes nigga, you are crazy.

If you've listened to any hip hop in the post 1990's Death Row & Wu Tang eras, you know that being a powerful force in the rap world is becoming exponentially less associated with actual skill.

Look at Ol Dirty Bastard (ODB). We loved his crazy ass the same way people now seem to love Gucci Mane (Ugggggh) yet no one would have the cotton picking nerve to describe either of them as a Lyricist. On the other hand, you've got the Lupe Fiascos and Sha Stimuli's who are lyrically a cut above the rest, yet can't sell records. Sucks for you guys.

All these things being said, Nappyheadedbros has decided to pay a type of homage of sorts to both these types of MC's as in the end, it doesn't matter if you suck or are the greatest of all time, what matters is if people remember you.

Showrocka Presents... most memorable rap lines:

Disclaimer: Rappers Delight was memorable, but left out cause I don't give a hoodrat's ass about that old school shit.

"You wanna battle me, you need a track from God featuring Jesus and Jay Z" --T.I

Classic foreshadowing of how everyone would later ride Jay Z's nuts harder than a skydiving parachute harness.

"I'm from where you can't put your vest away and say you'll wear it tomorrow cause the day after we'll be sayin 'damn, I was just with him yesterday" --Hov

Possibly one of Jay Z's finest lines from arguably his best song to date. Cough up a lung where I'm from Marcy Son. Unfortunately, I don't care how rich he is, he's not going to make the blasting of his classic "Reasonable Doubt" acceptable in the Hamptons. Sure you may have had Oprah sippin quarter waters in the projects, but in the end, you both went home. Bourgeoisie bitches.

"Inhale deep like the words of my breath, I never sleep, 'cause sleep is the cousin of death" --Nas

Profound words from the nigga who's always trying to sound profound & intelligent despite the fact that half the time he has no idea what he's talking about.

"Dead in the middle of Little Italy little did we know that we riddled some middleman who didn't do diddily" --Pun

A silly one ever really knew what he was saying, but it was hot...and we recited it time after time.

"I wonder why we take from our women Why we rape our women, do we hate our women? I think it's time to kill for our women, Time to heal our women, be real to our women. And if we don't we'll have a race of babies that will hate the ladies, that make the babies" -Pac

Ironically tupac was sent to Jail for sexual assault. Luckily for his legacy, it was painstakingly obvious that he was innocent of the crime and only guilty of being a degenerate thug. Enter the era of rapper persecution (not to be confused with the era of "free miscellaneous guilty rappers for no reason").

"His palms are sweaty, knees weak, arms are heavy, There's vomit on his sweater already, mom's spaghetti, He's nervous, but on the surface he looks calm and ready.."

This nigga won a grammy. White people = +1. Oh wait, 3-6 Mafia won an Oscar. White people = -1 (not counting slavery and credit scores, which would make the tally "blacks = 1, Whites= 100,000,000). LOL.

"The iron horse is the train and champagne is bubbly, A deuce is a honey that's ugly .If your girl is fine, she's a dime, A suit is a fine, jewelry is shine
If you in love, that mean you blind" --Big L

Sure he made up a few slang terms, but this song "Ebonics" was like the Merriam Webster's Dictionary of hood terms. I'm sure white people wish they knew about this five years ago before some of the words became outdated.

"B. Sieg in the third lane, Grams still prayin' workin on my nerves man...
Like, "Son you gotta get your soul clean...Before they blow them horns like Coltrane..."But still I cry tears of a hustler Wipe tears from my mother, pour out beers for my brothers...That's above us, make beds for the babies,Tuck kids under covers, buy cribs for their mothers" -Beanie

To anyone who says Jay Z only signed talentless hacks (ahem...memph...ahem...bleek...) in order to elevate his status as the greatest (yea right), I say listen to this song. Beanie may have been rough around the edges, but he was lyrically a beast.

"Money and blood don't mix like 2 d---s with no chick/ Find yourself in serious s---" --B.I.G

Biggie with the ambiguously gay rhymes again. Why do we tolerate it? because excluding Pac he was he best ever.

In the bible it says, what goes around, comes around/ Almost shot me, three weeks later he got shot down, Now it's clear that I'm here, for a real reason/
'Cause he got hit like I got hit, but he ain't f*cking breathing " -Fif

This line was memorable because it was true. Fifty Cent was the firs one to start telling the details of street transactions (aka dry snitching) on records. LOL. you cant deny its pretty gangsta to taunt those who shot you over national airwaves. Na-na-na-nah-nah-nahhhhhh.

Hold ya head Prodigy, I can't say "Free Bandana P" cause the nigga's guilty.

Live, Love, Hiphop

--Blogness Monsta aka Nessy

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