Thursday, December 24, 2009

Holiday Message 2009 / Top Girls of the Year

First I wanna scream out "Progress!!!!" No that's not no Obama Shit, but rather a testament to the fact that we really care about our followers and that yes we've noticed that our # of followers has gone up to 28 after being stuck at 27 for a few months!!

It may not seem like much but we go hard and apprciate the love. If yall can get it up to 30 by the new year I promise New Years week to give you 2 blogs a day...all hot shit!!! All it takes is a click. Click follow and show me you love me. Or just sex-text me some dirty pics. That will show you love me too. LMAO.

And now.....

A special holiday message from the Nappyheadedbros.



!!!!!! "

Get it? If not you're stupid and I sincerely overestimated your intelligence...either that or your general knowledge is so cultural specific that you should a.) be ashamed of yourself and b.) make sure to take a double douse of Nappyheadedbros. Pause.

Just because we like you, and it's almost Christmas I'm gonna bless you (pause) with a little Christmas gift. Enjoy.

Show's Top 10 Girls under 175 lbs for 2009

10.) Rosci Diaz from 106 & Park

9. Old Head Mariah Carey

8. Sticky Nikki Minaj

7. Cassie (even with the fu*ked up hair she's sexy. Actually her shaved half-head is kinda cool).
6. Ashley Dupre (aka Spitzer's call it if you don't watch news.)

5. Spanish TV vixen turned Tyler Perry Movie star (Uggh) Sophia Vergara. Oww Oww.

4. Lauren London aka 1 of the women having Lil Weezy's baby in the same month.
3. Kim Kardasian...Reggie ain't hittin that right.

2. Amber Rose...Kanye aint hittin that right.

1. Alicia Keys. Drops Mic.

Live, Love, That girl.
P.s. Sorry Rosie Perez, you're still our #1...we just had to be fair.


Anonymous said...

Kim is single she not wit Reggie lol

Abhi said...

get some fresh content boss...its at 30!

Zane Giffen said...

where are these two-a-days I was promised?