Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy NYE ya drunk bums!!!!

It's New Year's Eve Ne-yucckkkas!!!! You know what that means? Yes. A night on the town with the blog ness Monsta.

Be safe and watch out for gay terrorists like Osama Bin Shoppin!!!!! LMAO. Are those Lubuittons???

I will be blogging all night long, and since you'll be in the midst of drunk texting the girl you want to bone but can't find because she's at Club Van Dome looking for a new guy to bone, you can check your facebook (and this Blog) and see what's going on with the Nappyheaded Crew.

That being said....

Happy New years Bitches. And now, some funny pictures you're big bootied mom would approve of.

Insert Omarion and Gucci Mane's "I get it in", as I call child services.

C4: Damn, who knew Rocka had a white baby.
Blog Nessy: My Kids drink Guinness Prick.

Shoulda stayed in the north pole with your "Ho, Ho, Ho's", but wantd to hang out with Tiger woods in Hollywood. LMAO.

Happy Ho-lidays

--Monsta & Killah.

1 comment:

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