Friday, November 27, 2009

Showrock & C4 "Pause" Each other!!!!!

First off, Happy Black Friday to all yall muthasucka's standing in line for cheap laptops the store ran out of before you got the chance to buy. This being said, I want to dedicate this post to everyone know, the niggas with Jobs who unfortunately have to work today. Booo, Boooo. Booo nigga Boooo (Gay ghost voice. Pause.) As you can tell from the saltines (pause), I'm on my way to work now.

Speaking of the word "pause", I was recently made aware of the fact that a lot of the viewership does not truly understand its meaning nor how to use it in an urban vernacular context. Alas, your saviors of nonsensical hood colloquialisms the Nappyheadedrbos are here to educate once again. Thank us later.


I am also going to use this as a means to get back at C4 for calling my profile pics "gay" or describing them as"pausable offenses" in yesterday's post.

C4: Oh really son? I got something for you too. Pause.

Show-Sho No H and C4 to ya Door Present: "Pause" an alternative to "No Homo."

"Pause" in its simplest form, is like a watered down version of no homo (for an explanation on the "no homo" phrase, click here). That's right folks, pause is like the "diet no homo", or No homo-lite." Still confused? Ok. Let me break it down like a hooptie on the highway.

If you are a straight man and say something which could, if taken out of context, sound homosexual, you say "no homo" afterwards. An example: While eating a slim jim you say "I hate when the meat is stuck in my teeth. No homo." Meat could be referring to male genitalia and god forbid you have people thinking you suck cock. LMAO.

Saying something a little less gay, such as "I'm going to the movies with my boy...pause" does not truly justify a no homo, but rather the "just in case clause" for ambiguously gay statements which we shall call "pause." Get it? Got it? Good.

Enter (pause) the photo diary of C4: Commentary by Show R.

"Gay pose # oneeeeeeeeeee" (to be sang in the key of C to the "Boyfriend #2" melody.")

I bet he is saying "Oh em Geee" or "As if !!!!". Ging bitch slapped and making the Twan from Men on film face = a pausable offense.

C4: Oh really?? How about Making the sisqo's hairdresser gay face which we shall refer to as the "Sweet smile dimple face. pause" Yea son, dimples aint gangsta. You look happier than Kanye with a bag full of di*ks.

Show: Well, at last I don't look like a sailor in the breast cancer navy!!!! Butt pirate. Pausable offense #2!!!!!!!!!

C4: That was for a play.

Show: Just like the play where u had a thong and bikini wax? hahaha.

C4: Well what were you auditioning for in this one? An extra in the the Nikki Minaj version of "beat it?" Pause-Pause-Pause my dude!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's barbie and prep-school Thug Ken!!!!

Show: Oh I see we're going hard (pause). I got you.

Apparently, some of us arnt afraid to blow. Use those jawbones...try not to gt too much frosting on your lip. Pause. LMAO.

Well, we all know if this acting thing doesn't work out, you can work at Hunt's point. LOL.

C4: Well at least my mouth was open for a reason. Pause, no homo. Look at you in this pic. I believe Alexandra's comment was dead on when she said "what, were there flying penises in the air or something?" Pause.

C4: I'll save the "blonde dreds" commentary for a separate post. That is all. I'll leave you with an emphatic pause!

C4: I'm not done either, what about this one huh? When bromance goes bad!!!

Show: Hmmmmmm. Ironically questionable pic I dont remember taking. Ummmm. I was DRUNK!!!!

Show: At last I wasn't making a face like he was giving me the business aka giving some bromance back shots like you in this one. Hahahahaha.

Prison rape...when Jailhouse bromance goes really wrong!!!!!!!!!

And there you have it. An explanation of "pause" with concrete examples. Yes we go hard (pause) on eachother (pause) but in the end its all love between the Nappyheadedbros. Pause, like no homo is another ongoing joke whereby non-gay things are made to seem gay for comedic value. 4 years later it still hasn't gotten old, despite the fact that we have.

And that my friends is the story of Christmas.

Live, Love, Unabashed Randomness.

To ya door once more, more stuffed than before (pause).

Show-Sho & C4

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