Wednesday, November 11, 2009

"Make me White Please"

If white people can make themselves darker and thereby more attractive, we African Americans should be able to bleach our skin and pull more pretty white women with money. Cot Dammnit!

Make me look like her please.

When thinking about the double standards evident within American society, questions like this are sure to arise only to be answered by the few, the brave, the nappyheaded. No subject is taboo around this bitch, so I hold no qualms in telling you the reason we melanin toned folk aren't given carte blanche to bleach our skin like dingy white socks and T's. Skin bleaching, other than being unhealthy and foolish, looks stupid as fuck.

Actually, white folk, tanning to the point where you look like a Reeses Peanutbutter Cup wrapper or Polyurethane covered orange looks dumb as hell too. Michael Jackson...we know there's no such thing as Vitilago disease which makes your skin white...we just gave you a pass because your the king of pop. God rest his soul, but phew...with him gone we sure do save a lot of "get out of jail" free cards. Maybe we can lend one to DMX.

You know I'd never speak ill of our favorite Boy butt fondling, chameleon skinned white woman (MJ), so it's on to the next coon...Sammy Sosa!!! Ha!! It feels good to find coons in other races. We got a black president and then had Flavor Flav to set us back 100 latinos got Sotomayor as Supreme Court Justice and now you've gotta deal with this. LMAO.

For those of you not in the know, Baseball Ex-Superstar and roid raged Latino coon Sammy Sosa was recently spotted rockin a new skin tone which he said was a result of "skin rejuvenation techniques." Bullshit. That's Clorox Nigga!!!! Here's what he looks like...

Showrocka Presents...The top 5 things Sammy Sosa now looks Like.

5. Marlon Wayans in White Chicks (overall Appearance)

4. A Used Condom (Skin Color)

3. Some shit from Madam Tussans Wax House (Skin Consistency and texture)

2. Someone in reverse Blackface (Think Dave Chapelle as News Anchor)

1. A Foolish cloning experiment gone wrong.

Well there you have it folks. Another embarrassing case of changing racial identity for vanity, profit or no apparent coonish reason.
Check it out though....Obama looks pretty good white, no? We should've promoted him like this and then once he won let him grow a chinstrap and some dreads...walk into the white house smoking a black and mild. LOL.
Nevertheless, I digress.
Sammy Sosa is an asshole for this stunt. That is all.
Live, Love, What God gave me

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