Monday, November 30, 2009

Have you ever eaten a white woman?

Have you ever eaten a white woman? (Buc dinero shut up, I'm not talking about cunnilinguis.) I mean, really, have you ever singed the skin and taken a little lick of that sweet white meat? Have you ever been making out with a beautiful caucasian female and all of a sudden bitten a small, non-noticible chunk out of her face just to taste what it's like? Of course you haven't. But I bet you've thought about it. Oh you haven't ? Pussy...and you call yourself a connesieur of foods.

Yea this post is a little strange, but its all true...besides, I cant talk about race wars, Puertoricans and DD cups ALL the time. Sheeesh.

Back to eating white women.

Now I'm no racist, but lets be honest...other than their hair when it rains (aka when they take on the odor of wet dogs), white people usually smell pretty good. On top of that, I love pork, and its slogan is the "Other white meat." What's the first? Must be white girl meat, right?

C4: Nah nicca. That would be chicken.
Show: Ohhh yeaaa. Right. Same shit.

The point being, no one eats the dark meat of anything. Therefore, I'm sticking with white people. Maybe I'll try black people for a special Kwanza. Kujichakalia my niggas!!!'

C4: First time in history, but you've crossed the lines of decency allowed by anyone. I'm veto-ing this post. You cannot promote canabilism.

Show: Pigmy's and airplane survivors eat people.

C4: No animal in the animal kingdom eats their own species.

Show: And we are animals. This is fact. We also are the smartest animals in the animal kingdom and it is quite possible that the other dumb ass animals that let us eat them are not smart enough to know that eating your own kind could be delicious!!! We could be missing out.

C4: No. NO, NO,NO. I'm Veto-ing the Post.

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Administrator: C4 you's a Bitch. (Riley Voice).
Administrator: I ain't re-typing all that shit. There better be a way to retrieve it!!!

Live, Love, MEAT (Pause).

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P.S. The pic in the beginning was found on the internet as there is a rumor circulating about Japanese people actually eating fetuses as a delicacy. According to

"There is no evidence or proof that this horrific photograph circulating in emails are TRUE or NOT. One of the article I’ve read, said that this photographs are done by an artist named Zhu Yu who exhibited them at an underground art show after they were rejected as too controversial by curators of the Shanghai 2000 Bienniale. In the piece, which he called “Eating People,” a series of photographs indeed appears to show Zhu cooking and eating a human baby or fetus. He has claimed to interviews that he used real aborted fetuses stolen from a medical school to create “Eating People” and that he actually cooked and ate them “for art’s sake.”


MW said...

And now you guys have hinted at exploring vore. Well, let the descent into paraphilic absurdities continue unabated!

I'm not sure what's more troubling: that you post about sexually-charged cannibalism, or that I know the term for it.

C4 2 Ya Psycho Ward said...

This shit got to stop. You're suspended for the rest of the week.

Anonymous said...


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