Thursday, November 12, 2009

AIDS Theory

Yep, I know i alot of people with AIDS or relatives with AIDS probably won't like this post but oh well. It is what it is.

Im not gonna quote some statistic about the percentage of minorities affected with La SIDA but I will say that there's a shitload more of us with it than there are infected white people. Really though...who gives a fuck? I do, because I'm sleeping with Blacks (lol) and Latinas, not white girls!!!! I only get brains from them. LOL.

On to the theory.

If an isolated population of individuals without AIDS decided to fuck all day, all the while forgoing the use of condoms and switching partners, everyone would still remain AIDS free at the end of the day. Case in point, Woodstock and the free love era. White people did it, and it worked.

Why then, are there so many minorities with AIDS? Its not like we're still in Africa with bones in our noses having sex with monkeys. LOL. Easy, I'm being sarcastic and jovial. Back to the question...Why Blacks and Latinos? I've never heard of a Chinnese AIDS epidemic, so unless there's some anti veneral disease power in General Tso's Chicken or Cat meat, I'm left to form only one conclusion. WE MUST BE DOING SOMETHING ELSE WRONG.

What could it be...Let's explore.

1. Big Di*k Theory ( homo).

Could there be a statistical coorelation between genital size and AIDS? Blacks and Latinos have bigger cocks so therefore we must've eclipsed the AIDS Threshold? Nope. Ron Jeremy doesn't have AIDS and his meat is bigger than that T-Rex Rib on top of the Flintstones car..pause...LOL. Theory Disproved. Next.

2. Wet Dog Theory.

White people smell like wet dogs when it rains. This is fact. Another fact is that I've never seen a dog with AIDS. Cancer yes...AIDS no. Could there be some type of Cainine Genome still evident within the caucasian population which makes them resistant to epidemic spreading of the virus? Nah. This is probably just a coincidence. White people catch too many other animal related diseases like Swine Flu, Bird Flu, etc. It's only a matter of time before they catch something named after the Dogs they love so much. Heart Pup-atations maybe? LOL.

3. Sexual irresponsibility theory

Maybe white people use more condoms? Nah. Black folks are always walking around bragging about how they wear Trojan Magnums. I don't. Condom's stretch and if I can get one around my arm, you can get one around your pigeon dick. Dick. Anyways, white people started the whole "if you knock her up, you gotta marry her shit" so they obviously were out raw dogging. Sheiiiiit, they also invented the porn industry, an industry which has a lower AIDS percentage than the Black and Latino Populations. SMH, What the fuck are we doing worse than fucking all day for money!!! Are the Magnums just slipping off becaue our manhood isn't as big as our Ego??

4. Ronald Regan Theory

You know how he and the CIA introduced crack to America thereby promoting the self induced genocide of black America? Who's to say that the government isn't above another one of these schemes. There was a scandal a year ago where bodegas in Harlem were being shut down for selling counterfit Trojan Magnums. wait, what? Exactly. Who the fuck does that!!!!?

Nevertheless, I digress. African people (like actual, click-click Africans) believe that America made up the concept of AIDS to scare them from procreating. A.I.D.S = Americans Intention to Discourage Sex. That is fact, i didn't make that up. This being said, it's dumb as hell. In the end though, maybe the government here actually is up to something. I wouldn't be surprised if we learned five years from now that Trojan Magnums are injected with chemicals that make you steril or weaken the antibodies which protect you against the AIDS virus. I'm no scientist tho...just an extremely good looking blogger.

5. Darwinian Dick theory (pause)

The big homie Darwin was into the whole survival of the fittest thing. Makes sense. How though, can we relate this to sex, drugs and AIDS? I'll tell you how.

What if I told you the most likely scenario involved equal amounts of AIDS carriers entering into the white and black populations. Lets say the white guy caught it from sleeping in bed with his dog, and the black guy got it from sleeping with white women. LOL.

Once into the respective populations they should infect equal amounts of people (discounting for the fact that the black guy probably had stronger game) right? No. Wrong. The lack of information regarding the disease combined with rampant intervenous drug use, poverty necesitating prostitution and pimps preying on innocent young black chicks has already weakened the population to the point where blacks could not handle the strength of the impending epidemic.

More blacks and Latinos became infected because of their lack of knowledge, a fact which caused AIDS to spread like wild fire, thereby increasing the number of carriers exponentially. Sure whites caught it too...but only the snowbunnies that like Niggas. JK. You see where I'm going with this?

Education is key and I cannot stress enough the importance of letting your children know about the dangers of sex..and giving head!!! If you are white, however, do not mention the 2nd part to "Becky." I don't care how fine she is...well, actually i do. If she's under a 9.75 out of 10...wrap it up. If she's higher, skeet in her and trap her ass. Just kidding.

Sleep with white women only and avoid AIDS altogether. Kidding again. It wouldn't be a Nappyheaded rant without Asshole-ness. Ok, hope you enjoyed. Time to wrap it up. Pun intended.

Live, Love, SEXXX


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