Thursday, October 22, 2009

Sarah Kruzan: It's Hard out here for a Pimp (Pt. 2)

Every once in a while I use the power of the blog for good rather than evil. I still haven't decided if today is going to be one of those days.

This being said, I feel like even if I piss a shitload of people off while discussing this chick Sarah Kruzan, in the end I will have gotten them to read her story. Don't worry, I haven't gone soft or uber-political. You'll still laugh, get angry and may even end up wanting to kill this Nappyheaded Bro rather than Fellate him by the blog's end. Oh well, that's just a risk I'm willing to take.

Oh yea...many media outlets are crediting Ashton Kutchner for bringing this girls story to light. F**k him. Why, might you ask? Because he stole Demi Moore from our Milf-tastic wet dreams and cougar-town fantasies. Shouts to my girl Bridget in Roc City though, as she's the one who briefed me on this ish. V.I Stand up.

Sarah Kruzan: It's Hard out here for a Pimp (Pt. 2).

Eazy E wasn't lying when he said "Pimpin at easy." Sheeeeeit, he ended up dying of AIDS, Terence Howard (in Hustle in Flow) ended up getting pissed on by punk ass Ludacris, Don Magic Juan ended up looking like an iced out Jerome from Martin, and Sarah Kruzan's Pimp ended up dead!!!

Now that's some f**ked up sh*t!!!!

Oh wait, no its not. Kruzan's pimp started whoring her at age 13, Eazy E had 6 different baby mamas, Terence Howard is a herb and Don Magic Juan has the sacrilegious nerve to call his pimping ass a Bishop...maybe they all got what they deserved.

Now, onto Sarah...(no pun intended). Also, note how I refuse to copy and paste the details of what happened in "their" words. This is NHB, we're better than that.

Kruzan's Story

Sharah Kruzan's had an Absentee crackhead mom who was more concerned with getting high and whiteboy wasted than she was with feeding and clothing her child. Food? nah. Attention? F**k no. It even got so bad that she allowed a 31 year old acquaintance to play father figure / role model for her malleable little girl.

Unfortunately for her, this ni**as role model was Pimpin Ken or some other man making their money off women's bodies. Where homeboy got it wrong, however, was in confusing a little girl with a grown woman. I'm not against pimpin, but violence against adolescents and children is something I cannot condone. What? I'm keeping it 100.

This pseudo-pimp named G.G would buy Sarah toys, bring her places and feed her sweet ass lines like "you're special you should never give anybody sex for free..." Whaaaaaaat? This guy is bananas!! He's a freaking child molesting pervert, but come on...that was a smooth ass line. Keep it 100 people, keep it 100.

Anyway, G.G. pimped her (and actually had her work a corner) from ages 13 to 16, until she finally got fed up and killed his ass. Damn. Worse still, a hardened judge gave her life in prison for it. Life nigga!!! Like Bernie Mack and Martin Lawrence Life!!!! Without Parole!! Plus 4 years!!!

These are the here comes the subjective Nappyheaded Rant.

Thoughts on Kruzan after a Bottle of Cruzan

Fuck Sarah Kruzan. There are laws and a criminal justice system for a reason and although she had a traumatic childhood, that does not give her the right to administer Martial law at her own will. News media fail to distinguish between convincing someone to sell their body with the power of words and influence versus actual, physical rape. We get it, she didn't want to be pimped anymore. From what I've been told, however, G.G. didn't cut off her feet, taking away her ability to walk or run away. Sheeeeeit, she could've even smashed his nuts with a hammer while he was sleeping...but murder? Premeditated murder? Throw the book at her hooking ass.

That is what some people will say.

Others, will say something different.

Others will not stand by and watch as a 16 year old victim of circumstance who has already had her childhood robbed from her, gets her adolescence, and adulthood stripped from her as well. Others will see the apparent "death sentence" being hurled at Sarah Cruzan for what it is...theoretically. Some may even claim that simply by being a minority, she was dealt an unfair sentence that a Caucasian teen in comparable circumstances would never have been handed (Mr. Mulatto Voice).

Send me your thoughts to and I will post them anonymously for all to see as soon as they come in. Let me know how you feel about Sarah's situation and I'll tell you what you can do about it. If you give a f**k. I don't, because I'm objective ;)

Live, Love, Getting you all involved

Show-Show No-Pedo

P.S. an an objective blogger (LOL) I shouldn't be posting this, but below is a link to the Sarah Kruzan Petition...just in case you're into that sorta thing.

"This bitch had every right to kill that nigga without getting life in prison. At the very worst she should have been forced to spend the rest of her teen years in some type of rehabilitation facility preparing her to come out a women ready to be a ho on her own free will. She should not have been stripped her right to fuck/suck for free and I want in on getting this bitch out for I am sure I can hit it when/if she gets out.." -Anoymous. Well, I know who wrote it...but it's still anoymous.

She got a raw deal. If Jaycee Dugard had killed that dude that had her living in the backyard and knocked her up twice, she would've been hailed a hero. No doubt about it. If there would have even been a hint of Jaycee going to trial for killing that douchebag, people would've lined up for miles to prevent that from happening. I feel it is racial. Check out this article from Newsweek. Nice website bythe way.



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"So what. Kill a nigga and get life. Where's Al and Jesse when you need them. " --Via Facebook IM

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single barrel is the sh*t