Monday, October 12, 2009

Ig'nant Folk with money!!

There's something damn appealing about unabashed ignorance. No homo.

Say what you will, but the allure of watching seemingly dumb ass niggas engage in the celebrity tomfoolery that is adorning everything with diamonds and louis vuitton print is somewhat entertaining.

Sure we laugh at the nonsencical hogwash spewed during their uncouth foulmouthed discourse, and judge them for their excessive spending on depreciating assets, but In the end, the joke's really on us. These niggas were smart enough to make millions off of the unsuspecting public, elevating their (in some cases talentless) selves to the status of demi-gods while we bust our humps working nine to fives. HAHAHAHA. Dumb ass college graduates making 40,000 a year...Go tell fifty cent he needs his bachelor's degree. SMH.

I guess that was depressing huh? Stop Crying like a privelidged bitch. Sure these former hoodlums are now rich business what? You can't dwell on that shit gotta revel in it! Sheeeeeit, I want Gucci Pillowcases and diamond sheets too!! I'ma just live Vicariously through them!

This being said, I present to you... My Favorite Ig'nant niggas with money. The Birdman, and The Birdman Jr. aka Lil Weezy F. Baby...Please say the baby.

Ig'nant Folk with Money Pt. 1: Birdman & Weezy Wee

Last year for Junior (weezy)'s birthday, Birdman (his mentor/ rapping surrogate father) gave him a 4,000 luis Vuitton Briefcase with a Million dollars in cash in it!

For those of you who think I said raping surrogate father please re-read the last sentence. Yes they kissed, but I'm defending it as paternal affection and not some pedophilic pervert shit. No homo? yea, a no homo is definately warranted.

Also, peep the Ice sculpture with hunred dollar bills frozen inside!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyways, we all know Weezy is Bird Beezy's cash cow, but even former "cash cows" that were signed to Birdman's Cah Money (ironic name) records claimed "they never got their fair share." Guess they shoulda stuck it out. Suckas. Sidenote: of the 3 remaining Hotboys (no homo) from Lil Waynes former super group, Juvenile (Mr. Back that azz up...pause) can't make a hit to save his life and now has a fake Jamaican accent, B.G. is a Heroin addict and Turk is doing 25 to life for having a shootout with a SWAT team. Goooooooooooooooooo Wayne!!! (Valley girl voice.)

On to the Ig'nant if a shootout with SWAT isn't ig'nant. LOL.

Birdman had to outdo his gift from last year so what does he do (other than get Weezy's birthdate tattooed on his arm on top of other tattoos)?

We buys Wizzle Fizzle a million dollar chopard watch ...

And peep this....a $55,000 dollar cake adorned with, you guessed it, REAL DIAMONDS!!!!!

F**k what you heard, these ni**as are the Cat's Pajamas. Nobody stunts like the Cash Money Milionaires. I just ask that when these niggas finally do go broke that I have enough space left to get a tattoo from each of them. What? That's the only job they're going to be able to get with all that damn ink on their faces. You know I wouldn't be me If I didn't throw a little hate into the mix. LOL. Love ya Weezy (no homo.)

Live, Love, Diamond encrusted nonsense!!!


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