Friday, October 30, 2009

Death Pt. 2: I Din't know Larry Kelly, But I Knew Kells.

Niggas are quick to say R.I.P as is shown by the fact that niggas were telling my dude to rest in peace when he hadn't even died yet.

No biggie, blame that on Facebook confusion and people believing everything they hear. That being said, I'm not gonna say RIP to my nigga Larry "Kells" Kelly. I'm gonna say fuck resting and fuck peace...he should be here raising hell with the rest of his boys, screaming out GPV and telling every nigga wifing in the club to give him 20 dollars.

As a matter of fact nigga, I think you owe me a 20 or two for all that Twitter cuffing you were doing before you passed. I'm just keeping it 100, because that's how it would've been if he was here.

Enough sad shit though, it's friday bitches. Lets celebrate my dude for all the funny shit he did and said, and just imagine how he's got them laughing up in Heaven, like back when Katt Williams didn't recycle the same jokes over and over again (Yea nigga, we know Chrysler 300's aint bentleys and we know you and your son wanna throw chicken nuggets out the window, yada yada. )

Death Pt. 2

As I walk through the valley of the shadow of....fuck all this dark shit, I got an iphone with a flashlight app. and I'ma use this bitch. Ok, much better.

I'm walking through what now appears to be a dimly lit alley and not a "valley of death" at all.

At the end of this apparent dead end I see a man with long dreads (which look like they need to b touched up, true story) and a Red and Green webbed belt like my nigga Kells used to wear. It makes sense...If the Devil wears Prada, why shouldn't God wear Gucci. How do I know it's god, might you ask? Come on son (ed lover voice)...remember I met him before when O.G. passed? see below: Death

Anyways, I give God dap and listen as he says "you again?"

Show: Yea man...I mean almighty, Lord and Savior, Lion of the Lamb of Kings....

GOD: You fucked it up, but whatever. Just call me J.C. or Kimbo Christ...I been practicing my Mixed Martial Arts.

Show: Riiiiiight.

GOD: So I'm guessing you're here to see're name isn't on the list but I know how you like those Pepperrican Girls.

Show: Actually DEZO should be bringing her some flowers later, but I'm here to see Kells.

God: Right, Right....Ok, come on... and by the way, put this long sleeve shirt on. You know you cant come up in here with all those tattoos. This aint thug heaven.

I see my nigga Kells off in the distance playing ball with O.G. Lance. This doesn't surprise me at all, as the nigga was always ballin. A couple of groupie heaven angel hoes are on the sideline amazed at how Lance can play ball in a Coogi and not sweat. They think he is playing a 1 on 1 with Loon from Badboy. They obviously don't know Kells who bears a striking resemblance to the aforementioned rapper.

Loon: Middle

Kells: Far Left.

Oh well, maybe it'll get him some groupie love. LOL.

I walk to the court as GOD bgins to look at his G-shock like I'm on a timed conjugal visit (no homo) or something. They take a break from balling and I greet thm like I always do. Slap-Slap, grip dap, lean over and check the tag. That's right baby. We're O.G. and G.P.V to the death. Two Cliques, 1 handshake.

I think of how ironic it was when a few months ago Kells jokingly said that he wanted to "die drowning in liquor and ass" on his 25th Bday. I wish he was here partaking in such festivities. Nevertheless, as I walked away from the court I cant help but think of my last fond memory with my dude, as i walked into the hotel room (pause) and he merely said "ain't no cups, but go in" handing me a bottle of Grey Goose.

A couple of swigs later from a Patron bottle we stole from Sami Kash , we were having a discussion about him being "too soft and lovey dovey" on twitter. He then reminded me that he "kept if real with his toilet seat confessions." Duly noted.

After that we Woke up my nigga Tommy Trump and hit the club like O.G's, G.P.V.'s and No Days Off niggas do.

We never talked about anything deep, but dude was my homie...Straight like that.

I didn't know Larry Kelly, but I knew Kells.

Live, Love, Life


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