Monday, October 5, 2009

Artistic Visions of Ras: Dread Lock Art

Well Folks, it's another manic monday and what better way to celebrate than by doing something popping off in your girls favorite cereal bowl and serving her some frosted flakes? LOL. Kidding.

I'm actually up early on my way to work, anxiously awaiting the results of this long test which has been plaguging me for the past four years. No not an AIDS test... a school test, you ass. Anyways, 4 years is a lot of time to spend devoted towards one penultimate test score. Ah well...if all else fails I have the blog viewership to console me.

F**k that. If I fail I'll just piggyback on one of my various talents and keep it going like an uninterrupted episode of bubbleguts diharrea.

This being said, I've been cooking up something brand new for yall. Yes it's crazier than raw dogging an African hooker, but no it doesnt involve skeet. It does however, involve one of my other two talents, mainly 1.) being wierd and 2.) photography. What? You can't claim it as a hobby if you only take pictures of yourself with an iphone? Sheesh. Humility breeds success guys, remember that. LOL.

Here goes...

Every now and then I do Dreadlock maitenence where I cut some dreads and seperate others to keep them from looking like a Will-I-Am-ish mess. This in and of itself isnt wierd. The fact that I save the cut locks and use them for Art projects is. I don't deny it...I just don't give a shit. I'm multi-talented, artistic and humble (lol.) So sue me?

Showrocka Presents...Artistic Visions of Ras: Dread Lock Art.

Every Dread has a story... If it doesnt, oh well....just make one up with pseudo-rastafarian undertones and no one will question you. Except the real rastas of course. Whatever, them niggas are probably high somewhere eating vegetables. LOL.

Party, Party, Party lets all get wasted.

The Hangover is the most high's way of telling you your body is not the Devils poison playground.

(Take note of the Deadlock props, lettering etc. I'm like the new Jackson Pollock. And I am Awesome. )

We all know black jesus would've rocked bling. King Tut did!! that's why I call my brother son (sun)...Cause he shines like one (Method Man Voice).

Ras smoke a dread splif. As a holy herb, like intercourse, is next to godliness. Thats my story and I'm stickin to it. LOL.

For he who emerges from the shadows is made visible only by his artistic merits and endeavours. Either that or by his diamond chain. "Bling Blow Wow." (Gucci Mane Voice).

Rock a beard, that shit looks dope. JK. Only a Girlie man rocks a clean shaven face made so by the sharp edges of the opressor. If you are over 18 and beardless, in the words of Riley from the Boondocks " You still a bitch." LOL.

Remember still...Don't get caught slippin as we live amongst a cold, cruel world where learning to duck is as important as a Kimbo-Slice-esque right hook or jab. I haven't met a crown of dreads yet that could stop a bullet.

Bet you didn't see that post comming.

Beeeeatcheeeeesssssssssss (Drake voice. No homo for using a Drake Voice.)

Live, Love, Different shit



MW said...

This post was just a veiled excuse for Show to pose shirtless.

I cry vanity!

Rock said...

Well If I called it "Shirtless Show" I'd have to have an obligitory picture of myself, Black Jesus, hanging from a cross. I'm not ready to take my vanity to that level yet. Humility breeds success. Remember?

MW said...

You are definitely ready to level up your vanity. Anyway, didn't Pac already do that as Makaveli on The Don Killuminati's album cover?

I find your blasphemies infinitely amusing so keep it up! Plus, I need to know that at least one other person will burst into flames when the light of judgment shines down upon us.

aa said...

very creative post today...