Monday, October 26, 2009

A,B,C,D: Real World Tomfoolery Pt. 4

It's been a rough couple of weeks for the Blog-ness monsta, but it is what it is.

"R.I.P" to my Cousin Elvis, JP "I want my bond money back" and "Hold ya head" to my nigga Kells who was just in a serious Car accident.

Other than that, shits been real regular around these parts. Guess it's time to change that.

Last time I did one of these posts, my boy wizzle fizzle said i should let the blog viewership post their own captions. Normally when people give me suggestions I tell them to go fu*k themselves but every now and then I have to entertain he idea that other niggas might be as funny as me.

Here goes hoes....Don't like it? Go eat horse semen out of a hairy lacto-ovo-vegan ball sack. Lol.

It's really hard (no homo) to not comment on these photos, but I'm sure you all will have something to say about the apparent Hogwash Tomfoolery of it all....

Real World Tomfoolery Part 4: Make your own Captions!!!!

A.) Pants Hang low??

B.) Got Money!! and Gold grills.

C.) My boyfriend's name is Raheem

D.) Im actually a School Teacher

Double D.) Where my Dogs at??

Any thoughts on these instances of coon-tastic nonsense?? If not feel free to drop me a line telling me how the Philadelphia Eagles are the greatest sports franchise known to man. How bout them Giants bitches!!!!!!!!!!!!!?????

Live, Love, Mondays....sike.



MW said...

Damn, this is like "what not to wear Monday" (Showrock edition).

A. Remove the dude from this ad, and you have a ghetto-ass maternity store advertisement.

B. "For a limited time only, SpongeBob brand prom dresses now 150% more criticism-absorbent!"

C. Oh say, that star-spangled banner doesn't have much leeway to wave, strapped as it is to her burgeoning badonkage.

D, part a. "Ooh, look at the fine artistry on the ball hairs! Is this a Miami Ink piece?!"

D, part b. Is that the top of her cleavage or is that a well-inked testicular carcinoma?

D, part c. "I couldn't afford a pearl necklace, so I got the next best thing!"

D, part d. (there's just too much to say here!): Hard to tell if this is just Dick Sucka or "#1 Dick Sucka", since the octothorpe (#) looks like some ass smudge on the bottom of that cock head. The numeral one (1) meanwhile, could be a bloodclot in the dick vein. Well played, you cock-gobbling ink whore.

D, part e. "Showrocka's newest ink". (Ha!)

Double D. "Yes, I bite"? This bitch probably just swallows her food whole.

...Actually, there is so much wrong with this picture:

1. If you're into SM, please don't make it public.
2. If you do make it public, please be hot.
3. If you have a lesbian puppy bitch on a leash, at least make her walk on all fours.
4. And what kind of lame dominatrix wears KMart brand clothes while showing off her property (i.e., the white[?] girl)?

...And clearly, I know too much about this.

Kink, Ink, and Words to make you Think.

Show-"Charles Dutton" said...

I think that your closing line was the tits!! "Kink, Ink and Words to Make you Think." I love it!!

A. "Let's get it Crackin" a not so grown & Sexy affair.

b.)When there's no one to make it rain on, improvise.

c.)Hi, my name is K-K-Kaitlin. What? I stutter.

d.) I can Tit f**k myself. Ha!

alternate D.) This is hot! and if I don't shave my chest hair the Tattoo becomes 3-D!!!

Double D:f**k a Tea Cup Yorkie. Get a Saint Bernard.