Wednesday, October 21, 2009

A,B,C,D (Pt. 3): Real world Tomfoolery Pt. 3

Thats right people, we have another set of contestants on this episode of real world tomfoolery so keep those comments flowing and be sure to drop a line with your vote. I've seen some extremely dumb ass shit this week and it may result in another close race like last week. Vote, Vote,Vote (Diddy Voice.) On with the Gangsta Blog...Cause you can't spell blog without O.G....

Real World Tomfoolery Pt. 3

Theres something about the power of celebrity that lets you do, wear and say ridiculous things yet still have them seem normal and commonplace. Spending 500,000 on a necklace seems logical as does buying million dollar automobiles, wearing big ass chains that say "big ass chain" and rocking polkadot maternity bikinis to awards shows.

The problem with this, other than the sheer tomfoolery of it all, is that regular ass niggas start emulating rappers, actors and talentless entertainers thinking that shit is ok. Newsflash, it is not. Now you're dumb asses have secured yourselves a spot on the blog ...solely for your apparent coonishness.

A,B,C,D...What's the worst Tomfoolery? : Real world Tomfoolery Pt. 3


I don't know who this dude is, but I know he's not famous enough to be dressed that ridiculous and i can bet "a million dollars that I dont have", that he's from the A (Atlanta.) What? I've just got a hunch. No that's not part of his shirt...that's a pendant. As if you couldn't tell from the paper-clip esque bail (piece between the chain and the pendant) this sh*t probably isnt even real swvorski crystals let alone diamonds! SMH, SMH. Also, notice the backwards pants....what year is it? 1992?


Now I know yall are all thinking that this looks a hot mess. It does. Funny thing is , if transplanted onto Lil Wayne, this might actually look hot. Pause. No homo. Nevertheless, this looks like a public service announcement on why you shouldn't spend your residual Crystal Meth Money on Tattoos while high. It also looks like this tat was done to cover up a mole or scar of some sort. Good Job. This is waaaaaaaaaaaaaay more subtle. Meet you back at 8 Mile sweetie. LOL.


I am shaking my head and trying not to end up on a Maury Povich show entitled "I hate black people." Really...? Kool Aid hairstyles? And really...? Did they have to pick Grape and Orange..Aggggghh. I have nothing more to say about this. Got damned coons.


Ewwwwwwwwwwwwww. This is a.) Gross, and B.) more ghetto than having a baby shower for your 6th baby! I wouldn't eat this shit based on the sheer images it conjures up. Oh well, at least you cant fault them for not having food. Wonder what flavored frosting that is....placenta? LOL.

Double D.)

No,No,No!!!! We will not allow pictures of babies and blunts!!!!! Not OK. Why would you even think of some tomfoolery like this?? I'm sure the dumb ass father (I can see him in the back) is like "nah, chill's all good....It wasn't even lit." SMFH. Shakin my frickin head at these poor misguided souls. Next time, please keep your children out of our apparently foolish antics or we will start castrating at birth anyone whos name starts with a Ty-, Kwa-, Rae-, Jae-, Hak- or Jam-...Sorry Jamar. That's acceptable but Jamarcus is not. What's next Jamelvin? LOL.

Notice the use of Double D's because they are awesome. Church out.

Live, Love, Fools


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Mania said...

That baby has no business wiht a blunt in her mouth. None! but the fact that the koolaid picture says ghetto fabulous is just ridiculous. there is not a single thing fabulous about koolaid logos on the bag of your head, IN COLOR! My vote for biggest real world tomfoolery has to be those two fools. and Mr. Nappyheadedbro, the placenta icing on the cake was probably one of the grossest and simultaneously funniest things you've written on this blog. Thanks.