Friday, September 25, 2009

Pre Wedding Web Soup (All suitible for work)

Well. Last night was eventful. One of my boys came over in his final night of freedom before getting married on Saturday. You all know what this means...
Party time? LOL. Nah.... But at least it means like a potiental for plenty of blog worth material on Monday. Also, Me, Lefleur & Buc Dinero went sick on the auto tune last night and created 3 certified bangers..."I wanna wife her", "I got a Hot Tub" and "Meat Whipper (No Homo). Audio soon to follow.

As for now, I gotta get my black ass on the highway as I have a big state test comming up and need to hit this review session. That being said, Im gonna be neglecting my blogging duties today, but not without leaving you with some funny shit.

This is the funnies music video I've ever seen in my entire life...and no its not mine. Just check it. Shouts to Shanga for sending it to me a while back.

This is a pretty funny music video too....

Oh, check this shit too. Forwarded from Maino. Disclaimer: If you are fat, this will either disgust you to the point of skinny-dom, or make you fatter.

And just for good measure.... some good old fashioned boobs.


Anonymous said...

you need to learn how to embed videos in your blog. the point of posting isn't to lead readers to other sites, it's to keep them here. nahmean?

doesn't blogger do that embedding for you automatically anyway?

Srock said...

Yea, I feel you fam... But blogger often has problems with embedding. I also like to show love to other sites ( not you tube obviously), but the comment is duly noted. Owww ow. No homo .

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