Friday, September 18, 2009

Ima Let you Finish nig*a!!!

Normally I don't do this, but ummmmm.....let's keep the party goin!! (D.L. Hugley Voice)

I'm not really a fan of "picture" or "video" blogging as I like to focus on the genuine cleverness and wit which can only be achieved via a poignant pen, but I have to admit...this was fun. Ironically, it also took longer than writing a typical blog. Ah well, fuck it. Yall are worth it. ;) No Homo.

As Nappyheaded Bros pop culture week comes to a close, it is only fitting that I produce yet another blog inspired by eveyone's favorite homo....sapien....Kanye West. For those of you unfamiliar with the "Imma let you finish" cult following, I suggest you check out the site where you can see user's uploaded images of Ye' interrupting various people in different settings. Some of them are actually hilarious.

I don't know if it was the ridiculousness of the situation, Ye's outfit or that dumb ass haircut, but something just inspired me to do my own, nappyheaded rendition of Kanye-West-isms. I got my stunna shades and my leather Kanye suit on....I'm goin in (pause.)


Off to make fun of my friends.

Showrocka Presents...I'ma Let You Finish Nig*a!!!

Scoochie the Wing King (Nobody's exempt!!!!)

His Big Bro Bucks-a-Million

Rahzy Von P. Aka Mr. Canada Man "everybody's favorite promoter"

Dezo "just cause he said so"

Maino no Lame-o

My Boy William H. @
and yes, they both had this outfit on in the club. LOL.

40 Cal Maggie

Fox Boogie....Who? I can't hear you...I SAID FOX- BOOGIE!!!!

Little Mc-Hater in Training

There you have it. Proof of my mantra that 'its better to not take yourself or others too seriously." I hope no one was thoroughly offended. If you were, you can go drink a semen, chitterlings (Pronounced Chit-Lin) and maggot mixture through an intravenous feeding tube. Ewwww. Over the line? I think not. I could've (and almost) said something relating to Anne Le's remains. Too soon, too soon. (Insert Michael Jackson's 'Gone too soon'.)

Peace, Beeeyatches. Enjoy your Friday and hit me with some comments, texts of FB love. It's safe, and you can't get pregnant. Owww owwwwwww.

Live, Love, Photoshop (sometimes)


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MW said...

Showrocka, Ima let you finish but... are a filthy bandanna and a heroin binge away from hopping on a Harley and running amok on the freeway.

Great outfit. Good concept (not quite yours but still). Workable Photoshopping.