Saturday, August 8, 2009

Weekend Words of Wisdom

C4 2 ya door late like an African. For those unfamiliar with CP time, it gets worse the closer you get to the mother land. Southerners are later than Northerners, Caribbeans are later than them, and Africans barely even believe in time. They'll show up the next day and wonder what happened. I straight up lie to some of my family members, tell em it's an early morning cookout, so they'll be there hopefully by 4pm. But anyway...

Sooo, apparently staying out getting faded until 5am then shoeing up to work still tipsy at 10 makes me forget to blog. It's ok though cuz Show's post yesterday was so classic you should read it twice anyway ya dig.

--Weekend Words of Wisdom--

"Never try to teach your father how to f***." - Italian proverb.

Gross, first of all. Let's not even get into the logistics of the visual on that one. But this is what some middle-aged Italian told me and my boy at work the other day, as we facetiously proposed trading his $1000 bike for one our work t-shirts.

It was funny at the time cuz he took us seriously and was legitimately offended that two young urban (read minorities, shout out to D-Le) guys would try to hustle a clearly European-looking (read gay-looking. Son had on a soccer jersey and some tight ass bike shorts, which looks soooo cool, especially with a gut) man twice their age.

As I ruminated on the advice given by this awkwardly dressed man wearing too much gold, cologne and hair grease, I thought the point he was making. We can probably learn a thing or two from the OGs out there, how they used to run thangs ya dig?

For example, legend has it that one of my uncles can roll a joint by simply placing the herb in the middle of the paper in one hand, licking his other hand and rolling it across the joint in one quick motion. Think about it. Gangsta.

"Key to happy Vietnamese man is a Chinese diet, a western house and a Japanese wife."

Might be time to expand the roster eastward, ya dig?!

"You can't be a thug while eating ice cream."

Nope. Impossible. Even if you're killing someone while you're doing it. You'll look like a bitch, I promise.

"If you never learn anything from me in your life remember this. Good music never gets old." - C4 Sr.

And you know what? It's still the only thing that pops into my head right away hen I think of things I learned from my father. F shaving and driving and all that, this is that pass it along to my own son talk.

I think he said this to me in like 1995, when Tevin Campbell came on the radio (pause) and was like this song is mad old (it wad like a year old at the time). And in 2009, we still look back fondly on "Can We Talk." pause.

We in the hip hop generation are slowly realizing this just now, as new music continues to suck and we search frantically for our Purple Tapes, Purple Rain (conspiracy!) Illmatic, Ready To Die, f*** it even the first Ma$e album. What's the over-under on years til a hip hop oldies station on the radio? I say it happens by 2015.

The other day I got excited to hear Master P. The game is starving like a Somalian right now.

I'm gonna turn my swag on. - C4 Sr., 7/26/09.

Oh shit. Soulja Boy is the new swine flu.

C4 2 ya door listening to Award Tour.

Ya dig?

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